Will WotLK and DF cannibalize each other?

Given that both are releasing this year, will these two games cannibalize players from each other? I myself might skip WotLK if it releases too close to DF. What say you?

No, clasicc and classic BC didnt so I wouldnt expect it to
Folks have enough free time to play both
There for sure will be the no retail crew who will play if only but based on the other revamps they didnt make a dent in the end.
They play it for a bit then go back to retail


You visit the museum, you don’t live there.


DF will likely be terrible, so it is good that we’ll at least have a semi-classic version of Northrend.

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I already did the Wotlk thing. Not interested in it. So that only leaves me with DF.

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I don’t think so, they’re tied to the same product (sub).

Whether one fluctuates over the other in population/support is to be seen. If DF is terribad, Wotlk may be the default game people go to for guaranteed content/guild breaking raids. On the opposite, Wotlk may push people back to current retail content.
I think it acts as a scale than not. If DF requires more patches to be great, people will swap to wotlk content until updated. Likewise it could go the other way.

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No. WotLK is a fan favorite of players back in the day. Great story, quests, dungeons and raids. However, DF is a fan pleaser for those who want WoW to move forward improving the game.

Boom, roasted.


having viable options when retail has a drought during patches is actually a good thing

WOLK can fill gaps

trust me blizzard WANTS their customers to play multiple games

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Nah, there is always room for more WoW!


Unlikely. The playerbases for each game are more exclusive than they are shared.

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u can be witty all u want

my bnet has been split almost in half since vanilla → tbc → wrath will be no diff

both releasing on top of each other us bad for retail population theres no way around it

This also could be a marketing ploy to try to knick more people who return for Wotlk, as that was the peak of their subs. If they are anticipating millions to return, it opens the door to people trying retail and potentially liking it. Especially since the return of older talent trees.

Will admit! “Cannibalize” isn’t the first verb that comes to mind when the topic you posted is brought up…

That said, no. Seeing how you can access both with a running subscription there’s no need to completely forsake one or the other unless there’s one you just like more!

Myself, I plan on getting an 80 in Wrath, maybe run Naxxramus and Ulduar for old times sake and probably hop right back for DF.

I played a Shadow Priest during Wrath, so that’s probably what I would do again! Actually having to worry about mana is going to be awkward…

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I play solo so I can’t really be bothered who plays what.

If the museum-goers want to fund retail for me, I won’t complain.


Yes and no…

The playerbase is already split up in multiple ways. Classic, Classic: Burning Crusade, Season of Mastery, Retail - War Mode, and Retail - PVE Mode. Classic: Wrath will probably eat a little into all of these. In this way it is cannibalizing the existing player base. At least in the strictest term.

However, all of these modes pay the same monthly subscription fee and are just players doing what they like. In this sense, it is not. In fact, some people who play Classic: Wrath will also play Dragonflight and purchase the expansion.

also remember back before classic released folks had a diffcult time acepting that its one sub and in the end it doesnt matter who plays which version

the revenue is stil there

so what exactly would be canabalized? The same was said for classic and it did nothing

I mean potentially yes, but both are on the same sub model and both have monetization models in them so from Blizzard’s perspective I doubt they really care other than if DF reception is poor and data suggests WOTLK is beating it out. Plus nothing stops people from playing one seriously and the other casually.

That being said there’s also more monetization over in retail so they’d probably prefer us all to be over there regardless of the optics of old game beating their current one.

All the money just goes to retail, there is no cannibalization.

But it will potentially cannibalize players. Many here believe the player base is strictly split between classic and retail, or that those that play both are willing to play them concurrently, and I disagree with both takes. I play classic and retail, but don’t have time to play both at the same time. Am I in the extreme minority here?