Will we see justice before 10/27?

Do you think they’ll #PullTheRipcord before Systemlands goes live in 2 months?
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  • Yes
  • No :white_check_mark:

I wish they would.

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What does that mean? Is this a 4chan thing?

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No, History is looking to repeat itself again.

You’ve got to admire their confidence people will stick around for BFA2.0.

I guess if it busts and Ion gets replaced with someone in tune with the player base its a net win.

It’s liking driving into a wall really slowly and everyone can see it coming.


No and they probably won’t change it until 9.2.

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Doubt Ion would get fired over it. Players will definitely suffer for a good duration of the expansion though, except maybe the ones that have convinced themselves that they wont.

At this point I’m pretty over even trying to argue for a better game, Blizzard aren’t going to do anything this late and they are rushing the expansion.

Shadowlands will most definitely be considered a failure on launch.

Regardless of what happens, I will at least enjoy getting to raid with my guild again. The rest of it, I guess we’ll just have to grin and bear :pleading_face: At least the art department has outdone themselves once again and that will keep me occupied for some time, but zone designs were imo amazing in BfA as well. So if the release of content throughout the expansion is kept at the same pace as that of BfA, we might be looking at a rather bumpy time ahead.

Blizzard is usually too proud to admit when they’ve made an unpopular system so nope. That said, I doubt its going to be as world ending as people are acting like.

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This covenant thing will not damage “hardcore” players, they already play with their guildies anyway, it’s just a minor annoyance at best.

When a real casual (the one that didn’t play more than 3 hours/day) found out he can’t pvp and pug m+ without swapping covenant and quit because of it, then it would reflect on Ion’s decision.


That’s very true, and yet it’s so many of these self-proclaimed casuals (on these forums at least) claiming that locked covenants will deter and damage hardcore players and tryhards. I guess as long as one does not engage in more than one type of content, it’s difficult to see why the lack of free will, will soon start to feel like a nuisance.