Will we get merged?

Just wanted to know if anyone else was wondering if we are up for merger.

Sure are.

Exodar and Medivh will be connected to Alleria and Khadgar on the 17th of September.

By third party sources, it seems the new servers are also Alliance heavy (66%-ish of the population), but at least it will be a small shot in the arm.

It’s now a few days later. So the merger is complete now?! But how have the four servers been merged? LIke, take how this forum doesn’t show the four as merged, and that is only part of it–this seems to be the case in countless ways currently–as in Mythic Plus Leaderboards.

How’s everyone feel about it? I know Exodivh is Ally heavy but having more Char slots opens up the possibility for ppl to make Horde Alts. (Gimme those good good Vulpera and Zandalari)
Aside from that does anyone have an idea what the effect on the economy or AH will be?

You will have more supply and more demand. But, if you are looking for something rare, your chances of getting it will be higher–assuming there aren’t a lot of people who want the same thing–or you dont check often enough.

Also, prices will depend on a lot of things. On some high pop servers prices are high for most things. and for other high pop servers prices are low. Hence, who is to say?

Just my two cents.

I get that I was more wondering if anyone knew what Alleria/Khadgar’s AH looks like.

Being from Alleria-Khadgar myself, I wondered what that Exodar-Medivh AH looked like. I found The Undermine Journal to be an excellent resource in this regard and suggest, if that interests you, to look up some corresponding items on A-K to compare.

NELAFAM!!! 10 char