Realm Connections -- September 17-18

Please continue to keep Earthen Ring in mind. We want to be connected to other realms so that we can help our RP community thrive!



cut the sh#@*t ! whens prepatch ?

Seems like you guys really can’t figure out what to do with Drak’thul (you know, the server that has maybe 10 people logged in total at any time of the day across both factions, since you switched it from a PVP to PVE server in 2010 and killed the entire realm).

Please make the new mega-server that you merge it into a PVP realm!

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Hope this is a troll, PvP realms aren’t even a thing anymore.

You know if you are going to keep connecting these dead servers to high population ones you should be sending out reminders that there are actually chat rules.

The connection for Exodar and Medivh to Alleria and Khadgar cannot be completed tomorrow. We will reschedule this one for next week.

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Petition to instead merge Malfurion into Whisperwind! Put Stormrage in there too!
The two have been in an almost eternal relationship guys, come on!

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Is Moonrunner affected by this? Don’t seem to see them in the list but we’ve been down for a while now.

They mistakenly left you off of the list. If you look, every other server that you are merged with is on here getting “connected” to an additional 2 servers.

Yeah I was wondering with Gnomeregan being affected. Sigh, these back to back merges are not fun.

No they are not. I have characters on Lothar and Grizzly Hills. This is our third time merging.

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Just make us one giant regional realm already. #ConnectAzeroth

Detailed Arguments Here: #ConnectAzeroth - The Final Realm Connection

I preferred my low population realm. Now we’re 7 realms connected and we’re high population. We’ll probably have login queues for Shadowlands. This was a big mistake. Why did you have to do this to us?

Andorhal’s server time was West Coast, when it was merged with Velen/Eonar, the server time was changed to East Coast.
Many of us were on the servers because of the server time, not wanting to have Raids taking place before we were even able to get home from work.
So now we’re right back to being on an East Coast timezone, which is not at all beneficial.

Maybe pick a west coast server? If you live on the west coast you should get better latency then as well. :), Andorhal was always in the East coast data centre, even if realm time used to be set to pacific.

The complaint is server time changed. Not server location, I think.

yeah but it happens because each cluster has to go off the timezone of the host server, there is only 5 pacific time zone servers in the Chicago data centre (namely Aerie Peak, Baelgun, Dark Iron, Kalecgos, Lightbringer) so the options are very limited and probably not practical, and thus blizzard will most likely connect those servers with other eastern servers.

In general (though not always) they seem to have moved east cost time realms to the pacific in the LA data centre and pacific time realms eastwards in the Chicago data centre.

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If we converted to region level realms and used managed populations via sharding and cross realm then time zone wouldn’t be an issue. We could just peg resets to regional time zones and as far as “peak” play time your peak would average out over a larger block.

That is to say all east coast players will generally play when all east coast players are on, PST to PST, and so on.

These divisions are arbitrary. If we can handle the processing of real time data via cross realm (which crosses multiple datacenters) we can surely connect the economies togather. Which is all connected realms are. They are the stitching of the economies of realms into a larger block. The Auction House stacking mechanism and community mechanism makes this totally doable to guilds and banks regionwide.

Arguing this in more detail in another thread: The Final Realm Connection

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Please connect the brazillian realms! Or at least Azralon with Goldrinn please!


@blizzard The Realm BronzeBeard/Shandris Has One Mythic raid team ONE. There is no one to buy or sell to. There is no one to recruit to our guild, Please Connect us to another EST time server before all of us are forced to realm change due to the server being a ghost town. Thank you for your time. Save our souls. We be calling out a S.O.S.