Will SL be alt friendly?

BFA is terrible for alts. I hate having to repeat questlines with the same characters to do anything (the legendary cloak for example). That’s why I have neglected all my alts and this is the only character I actually play seriously. 8.3’s only content is grinds… someone please tell me it will get better in SL? I wanted to have one character for each covenant without spending my whole life on WoW.


Probably not, Blizzard spent all of BfA trying to kill alts. Don’t see that changing.


Alt friendly would mean account wide legendaries, soul binds, covenants etc. None of which will be happening. So no.

From what I heard at Blizzcon, once you do all four zones and choose a Covenant at Max level on your “main” character, when you go to Shadowlands on your level 50 alts you can join a covenant straight away without having to do all the zones/level and immediately start progressing in your covenant.

So that’s good news for you since you wanna do all 4 covs! :smiley:

I also heard that legendary recipes/etc. will be account wide, etc.

They seem to be wanting to make it alt friendly and streamlined.


This actually sounds helpful. Thank you.


It’s not alt friendly, that is alt lazy…


SL will be fairly alt friendly but will have the usual Alt hoops. There is alot of stuff being added to support the creation of new alts though. Like the new leveling process.


I read this as.

As soon as you’ve complete the mandatory slide show on your main, you may skip to immediately grinding the never-ending time-gated borrowed power content for the new expansions Shadow Lands.

The question to me is are you building and progressing characters or an account?

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No, Blizzard hates alts.

Blizzard doesn’t hate alts.

They do however seem to hate people having multiple Mains.

People seem to confuse what a alt is.

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So, based on what you said they hate alts.

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never ever expect a free lunch

depends on how much of a timegated repetative grind new systems will be. They probably will. Do Torghast on all charcters, farm covenant stuff on all characters, get a new grind in 9.1/2/3

The game makes us confused. As we have to re-main (they do the same crap a main does) an alt to access basic features.

The cloak quest per alt is a bit much. Its not that we want a new main. Its that even a freshly boosted char at the what?, 380 ilevel, can and will pull down corrupted gear. They literally boosted, turned on WQ’s and hit a WQ. Haven’t even hit Nazjatar to trigger N’ztoh quest and scene. Yet there is the corrupted gear.

A quick alt friendly fix here…put the mementos upfront and not at the end . My alts I really just want these. I could forego the 470 cloak. I just want to dump the corruption.

Crafting recipes behind rep grind behind BOP. Some want to say lets do JC. On an alt. Now the JC has to be a halfassed main to rep grind for recipe ranks.

A quick alt friendly fix here…BOA recipes. The main that we can assume is exalted all buys the recipes for alts and mails them.

no nothing will be from this point on. to be more clear, think about this, what does blizzard have to gain from you playing less on your alts? now what do they have to lose? keeping in mind player retainment and time played is what they care about not player convenience or quality content.

God ikr… this was the wooooooorst xpac for alts. Between the heart of Azeroth the cloak and repeating quest lines like the intro quests to the opposite factions zones. This was the absolute woooooooooooooorst alt xpac ever!!!

agreed legion was bad dont’ get me wrong but there was still a reason to slug through the terrible grind, class hall quests, mage tower, etc. now there is nothing.


BFA is as alt friendly as it gets. The game just doesn’t instantly hand your alts everything, you still need to play them to earn rewards/progress them in power. As it should be.

You’re playing in the wrong genre and game.

Yup exactly I hope to god there is no more of that stuff…