Will I get kicked out?

Currently doing Cataclysm Loremaster, and I’m level 48.

Will it kick me out once I hit 50? I don’t want to go to BFA, I want to forget about that expansion and block it from my mind entirely.

Can I still just, leave and go back and finish up this loremaster stuff without getting involved in BFA?

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It will, but you can lock xp at 49 if you want to finish up Loremaster.


You will be kicked out of Chromie time at 50, but if you want to finish loremaster at level lock your XP. or you can go back once you hit 50 and finish up.

Hmm, ok… so I’ll just set my Hearth somewhere in Vashj’yr or Twilight Highlands and then hearth back once I’m forced into the hellish nightmarescape that is BFA.

You can also finish questing at 50. All ending chromie time will do is lower the levels of the mobs you’re killing. It doesn’t make the quests undoable.


I to want to forget BFA exists. I am doing Legion content and having a blast. Though I had loremaster a long time ago. I just enjoy going through the different class hall campaigns again.


I can’t wait to do the Legion class halls again, such good content tbh.

A friend recently started playing and we’re going through BFA atm, but he’s so far not a fan. The new changes make if SUPER linear and far too “On rails” and he is not enjoying it. He just wants to go do MoP and Wrath stuff, but can’t because he doesn’t have a level 50 yet.

Chromie time should be available for everyone, regardless of any factors.


You don’t have to level in BfA if you don’t want except for the final 5 levels. And even then legion stops scaling at 45, but still awards xp so you can probably go to 47-48, or maybe even 50.

There is no chromie time to make them scale 10-50, but the entire old world still works similar to how it did prior to the patch and each expansion/zone has scaled level ranges.

So look at what level MoP or Wrath require and head there when he can. Or do some old classic (Cata revamped) zones and such until you can get to Wrath.

A brand new player has to level to 50 the first time through BFA. That is someone who has no max level toons.

No, they don’t.

They have to reach 50 to use chromie time which makes them scale 10-50.

You can just walk to quest givers and do them. The old world expansions scale like normal.

You think they deleted every quest in the game except BfA for new players?

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Quit being overdramatic.

You don’t have to do anything in BfA at 50. You can just wait out SL like everyone else not doing a single thing or even going back to Cata and just doing the quests then.


He’s correct. If you just don’t go to boralus you can still do the old quests. Classic/bc/wrath stuff stops scaling at lvl 30, cata/panda at 35, wod at 40, legion at 45.

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Actually, there are some zone quests which require NOT KILLING mobs. These will be rendered unfinishable if the OP dings 50.

The only workaround for these kinds of quests is to find and use the toy foam sword.

I’m having to completely re-roll a toon just to do loremaster again, and specifically because they yank us out and disable Chromie Time.

LOCK YOUR XP BEFORE 50, and save yourself a lot of trouble.

You can do that, or you can do it as you mentioned, the foam sword. These quests are fairly uncommon though.

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Those sorts of quests are generally few and far between however, and they tend to occur much more often in older content.

Is party sync a viable option, or does the “temporary reset of quest progress” aspect of that tend to screw with the ability to do Loremaster achievements?

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Yes. Even if you aren’t in Chromie Time you can do this. The quests are still there.

BFA questing is very good idk what you are talking about lol

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your avatar is an abomination

I made it all the way to 50 in Legion content.

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No one is being over dramatic here but you lmao