Will I get kicked out?

The real question is, can you level up to 50 without chromie time in any expansion? you mentioned doing it in Legion content, but I’m not surprised by that at all, since it stops at 45… that’s practically level 50 anyway.

I’m already level 32 in Draenor, and all I did was the first zone. :stuck_out_tongue: I can only assume I’ll be level 50 by the end of the second zone… but what about Pandaria? or the level 30 zones? Northrend, Outlands, Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor?.. actually, those areas have so many zones and quests that I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually could make it to 50 in all of them… maybe not Outland? that one I recall not taking as long as Northrend… :thinking:

Edit: Quick! someone level through Outland without Chromie Time to find out! xD

I have seen this suggestion a lot. I am curious though, if you hit 50 you get booted from the time walk, but the quests are still there right?

Yep if you go back they are still there. They just aren’t scaled anymore.

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I have no idea. Legion was my first run through. I’m not sure where I want to level my next one yet.

Once you hit 50 the game will kick you out of time walking leveling (like it physically moves you back to SW/Org)… so XP lock at 49.

I highly recommend leveling in Draenor… everyone hated that expansion, but nobody can deny that the leveling zones were amazing… just ignore the garrison stuff as much as you can. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hated leveling in Draenor, garrison stuff aside.

Legion was a much better experience.

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Doubt it. Chromie time makes it scale to 50 or so I understood. Without it, thinking the quests would go gray before long.

I found the garrison stuff to be a massive amount of xp. It does, however, cost a few thousand gold since they didn’t squish the cost of things along with everything else.

Also, the bank and followers can make leveling faster and easier.

Read this in a different forum post “I did Wod non Chrome time until it stopped giving mob xp at lvl 45. Then turned it on.”

I guess that means you stop getting exp around the next level cap, like Draenor stops giving exp at 45, Pandaria would stop at 40, etc, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really?.. well I’d still recommend it to others, and you need to get the Stables in your Garrison so you can do the mount catching/training in Draenor, going out and finding wild beasts to train for riding… that’s always fun~ :stuck_out_tongue:

Quests still give 2480 xp at level 49. Herbing gives 300xp in Legion. I can’t see why anyone would do that on purpose, but I’ve done it farming old content on characters I had no reason to push into BfA.