Will holy priests be top tier now?

I mean even then I’m happy with that

As well as priest alts.

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I think M+ healer choice comes down more like this:
utility > healing throughput > dps

So I imagine resto druids will remain top tier, with hpally next, simply because of utility.

I do think though priests will do better in M+ with bursting being dispellable and having more dps to toss out.

I think it won’t be possible to know until we’re close to launch and have a pre raid tuning pass that balances the soulbinds and legendaries.

I don’t play a pally what’s their utility like

What are the lengendaries?

To many to list here but if you google priest legendaries shadowlands you will get a good view but keep in mind they are still being changed/removed/added because of how difficult a challenge balancing them has been for all classes.

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Blessing of Freedom, Blessing of Protection, Hammer of Justice, Divine Shield, Blinding Light, Blessing of Sacrifice

That utility combined with Devo Aura/Aura Mastery, strong burst healing and high dps makes hpally pretty strong in M+.

All that said, I still think rdruids will be top choice in SL M+ just because of utility.

Can you explain what those do?

Here’s a good place to start:

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BoFreedom: Removes and prevents snares/slows on target for x seconds.

BoProtection: Damage immunity on target for x seconds.

HoJustice: Stun

Divine Shield: Damage immunity for self for x seconds.

Blinding Light: AoE disorient.

BoSacrifice: Transfers damage done to target, to Paladin at reduced amounts.

I don’t remember the exact time that each spell lasts for, but that’s the gist of it.

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Dungeon fixes I’d like to see for Holy:

  • Guardian Spirit needs to have a better effect, such as a battle rez (it can sort of serve as one right now but only if you can see the future)
  • Better gear scaling so you can join keys you outgear and make the run smoother
  • Better panic mode healing. Right now you’re not encouraged to conserve HW Serenity because your fillers recharge it. This interacts poorly with a lot of dungeon mechanics where they’ll blast the party down to 33% health for the lulz. Holy Word mechanic would be better off as a bank of resources you can spend like Rage. “Holy Power” is taken so call it the Grace Meter or whatever.
  • Serenity just being a heal but better that Flash Heal is boring and bad. Have it grant external damage reduction or something that makes you feed like a chad healer.

Raid fixes I’d like to see for Holy:

  • Cooldowns that do something good, and don’t just give mana to the chad healers.
  • Prayer of Mending cooldown resets when you crit with an AoE heal.
  • Smarter PoM mechanics to bring it in line with Renewing Mists.
  • Like Serenity, Radiance should give DR instead of being Healing+


  • Since Legion Discipline isn’t going away, Holy should get some of the toys Disc had pre-Legion, like passive smarthealing Atonement, and Divine Aegis. Power Word: Shield is a pointless unprune.
  • Throughput should NOT be balanced around Holy Words being used off CD.
  • Having both Flash Heal and Heal needs a serious rethink. Right now, if things are safe enough that you can get away with casting Heal, the party could have gotten away with bringing a resto-affinity Boomkin instead of you.

As it stands, Holy has a long way to go before it’s top tier of anything but roleplaying as Inquisitor Whitemane.

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The problem is that blizz doesnt give throughput to throughput healers. They just give some healers a bunch of DR and utility and some healers get nothing.


I mean hey at least we got something

Idk, I kind of wish they would make Holy Fires DoT spreadable when you smite the target.


One thing I noticed is holy fire has a cast time now it’s wack

Yeah. I don’t think it procs anymore either to have a stacking debuff possible anymore. I haven’t played around too much though. Idk, I don’t think SWP and SWD is actually going to help that much. SWP is nice to have again just for PvP reasons though.

Mending is now a one-of-a-kind spell that has never been done before in the game, well, I concede that Lay on Hands does, but Prayer of Mending is now a percentage based heal and I applaud this move by Blizzard. -Here’s hoping we see more to come.

It becoming instant again was def. a necessity.


Yeah holy is feeling more like the Wrath priest than ever before. I loved Wrath Holy and was really annoyed to lose my instant mending. The renew jumps, the 10% heal, it’s a great thing.


No my dots!!