Will holy priests be top tier now?

Since they gave us some more dps spells and a shield will we finally not be the bottom of the m+ chain? What do you think?

I haven’t tried them out yet, I don’t know about top tier but maybe in the mid now

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I thought Disc was the bottom tier. :confused:

I’m talking about holy, and disc was the 2nd worst. Holy was at the bottom

Are these recent changes or old changes?

Wishful thinking OP.

Recent. We got some more dps spells and a shield

If you’re talking recent changes like on the BETA in the past 2 months. No, things are still the same.

Idk I mean I had a decent io with me holy priest last expac without the new updates :woman_shrugging:

Then why do I have new spells ? :joy:

Last time Holy was top tier it got torpedoed by the nerf boat.

Maybe we will be mid tier now though. Since our main lack was dps

Can you link to the changes? I’m not seeing anything with a new build?

Yeah give me a sec


Maybe it was just me, but I had much more trouble with disc. Especially recovering health for people between pulls. Disc is great AOE but the lack of an ‘oh sh*t’ button really made some fights painful.


Honestly I can’t play disc. I’ve seen many amazing disc players in high keys but it just wasn’t for me. I could not keep people up for the life of me in 20s.

Noo leave us alone ( ;_; )


I really, really, really want Holy to be good. Or at least playable. Because I’m with you guys, even when Disc is king of content it just feels awful no matter what for some reason.

Some people just like to be the cleric. :innocent:

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I haven’t tried holy in dungeons as of lately but I bet they’re a lot better rn

Holy had heaps of great instant cast heals which I think made life easier. I just logged on and looked at the new spells.
Might try it next xpac if raid leader lets me heal.
FYI you can now use your Disc priest challenge weapon on holy & shadow. (if you unlocked it.)

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Ooh thanks for letting me know I’m going to get on anyways to try and get the headless horsemen mount :wink:

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Don’t expect holy priest or any spec to shoot to top tier because of a few changes, right now the only top tier is resto druid for M+ and raiding, with the rest being middle or lower.