Will Faction Balance ever get fixed?

During Classic the balance was great up until the free character transfers when the servers were too overpopulated. This caused a huge shift in faction balance, in my case the server I’m on has gone to 95% Horde. After about 6 months of Classic, I quit cause there was no longer any world pvp on a “PVP” server.

Fast forward to TBC and it looks like my hopes are gone, thought the faction balance issue would have been fixed by now… but it is not. Seems like there’s about 99% Horde. Have only seen 2 Alliance since TBC launch and this is not how my experience was during vanilla TBC launch. To throw another punch to the gut they are offering server transfers onto my server, not faction restricted even though it’s 99% Horde… and no free transfers off of this server to a more balanced server.

I guess Blizzard doesn’t like money because if my server was balanced I would have kept my subscription renewed until TBC instead of end it part way through Classic. I expect to have the same thing happen in TBC. No matter the raid content or other content if world PVP isn’t there on a PVP server then I am not interested. Not going to be paying hundreds to transfer my characters to a balanced server.

During the early months of WoW Classic the faction balance was amazing… Tons of world pvp, pvp groups, raid vs raid, it was so epic. Now it seems Blizzard just doesn’t care about any of that or faction balancing to please the players and keep their subscriptions up. I’ll play through the content and probably not renew my subscription again if there’s no world pvp.


how do they make players play a certain faction? theres nothing that Blizzard could do that would make me ever play alliance. faction balance isnt a problem that Blizzard can fix. unless they nuke horde racials or buff the alliance racials to the moon theres not much else they can do.


Adding faction-specific paladin seals helped a bit with faction balance overall, but at this point nothing can be done about imbalanced servers.

By allowing free transfers for Horde off the Horde dominated servers to servers with high Alliance populations and vice versa you could fix the balance issues. The closer you get to 50/50 the better the experience is going to be for people who want to play on balanced PVP servers. Right now it feels like I’m on a Horde only PVE server

Sadly, Ive been working hard on trying to recruit from Faerlina, With the free xfers. Its a hard pill to swollow. I love Skerum.

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Ya the server was amazing in the beginning, hopefully Blizz will fix it

Aren’t most (not all) of the alliance dominated realms PvE servers and most (not all) of the horde dominated servers PvP servers?

I don’t think there’s enough alliance on PvP servers overall to balance the faction numbers on PvP servers.


Skeram has been like this for 18+ months. It sucks but it’s one of those if you don’t like it you should have rerolled at some point situations.

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Love your name by the way. I came to Skerum during Kirms video craze. Quit after hitting 60 and getting ganked on gear by alts of kwoo and etc… Came back at BC to see they all already left.

Just trying to salvage what we can at this point. I don’t want to pay for a Xfer. *shrug

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I really feel for you guys trying to get into the door for Kara. Godspeed, my friend. :smiley:

Appreciated. We are still getting a lot of attention … they come and go. Personally I think the difficulty on Skerum is fun.

Skerum is like the Dark Souls of WoW

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So roll Alliance and be part of the solution.


Yea, playing on a horde dominated pvp server, it gets ridiculous, outlands wasn’t designed to have 4000 horde running around on one layer… My suggestion for helping the problem:
Obvious one… allow free transfers off/to unbalanced servers based on the faction… And give them a reward for helping balance servers… a pet, a mount? why not… In my mind this would make you more money not “cost” money… personally know multiple friends that have quit from nearly impossible playing conditions.
Also plenty of people have transferred as well… from a horde dominated server to an alliance dominated one (literally making both servers worse)… The longer this goes on, the worse and worse it gets…

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No, it will not.

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Why would anybody take that? Most people want to be on the winning side.

It’s like playing a basketball game when you’re the only team playing and standing around waiting for another team to show up to play against

More accurately, it’s like paintball where you have a two to one advantage on the other side and get rewards for winning.



As I said on another post, they should let horde shamans transfer to alliance. But since dranei can only be shamans it probably won’t happen.