Will Faction Balance ever get fixed?

Regarding free server transfers: would you want to transfer to an Alliance dominated server, unsure of whether many other horde would do the same? Or are you assuming that many OTHER horde would transfer to Alliance-heavy servers (and vice versa) so that the environment is changed to be more palatable to YOU?

Suppose that doesn’t work, and that the only way Blizz can “fix” it is by forcing transfers. What if you were one of the ones forced to transfer against your will?

Every suggestion I’ve seen about balancing servers seems to require other people to make the changes or get screwed over in some way, while those suggesting the “fixes” would be unwilling to take a hit in order for it to happen.

There is always a tradeoff; there is always a downside. If you are unwilling to be one of the people adversely affected by your solution, then perhaps it’s not so great a solution as you thought.

Nope. This is World of Hordecraft, both on Retail and TBC.


They’ve done this many times before. No one takes those free transfers.

they have done this multiple times but no one takes the transfers. also im sure theres many other people like me who have played Horde for 15 years and have no interest in playing alliance. the horde/alliance imbalance is a social problem and not something blizzard can fix outside of forcing players to play on certain servers.

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Possible solution(s) to faction imbalances

  1. Remove racials
  2. Create caps
  3. Remove the Alliance vs. Horde dichotomy. The factions from which players could be aligned with should be opened up.
  4. Give incentives for highly imbalanced servers beyond a free transfer from one imbalanced server to another. Add in reward benefits, faster leveling, possible extra loot drops during boss kills, and allow for faction changes on their current server for free.
  5. Add in a last name feature so players aren’t running around with a name they’re not attached to.
  6. Balance World PvP objectives currently in place to remove zerging and/or reward failures if a player unsuccessfully secures an objective but, has still put in effort.
  7. World PvP should give debuffs to players who proactively kill other players who are not doing PvP objectives.

There’s definitely more to do but, a little incentive goes a long way beyond opening a free transfer to another imbalanced server.

It will never be balanced in classic.

In modern it has been alluded to that in the future factions might not matter anymore.

I don’t know why anyone playing this game would ever expect factions to be balanced when they have only ever been temporarily balanced on an individual server basis, entirely by the community of said servers.

Blizzard hasn’t made any strides to fix it either beyond temporary solutions that may shift it a few points here and there. It would actually take some effort to do so and we’re not going to see any effort applied just as we haven’t seen in 15yrs.

I love playing alliance on a horde dominated PvP server. the game is super easy if you haven’t noticed. at least this spices things up and brings in some element of danger.

that said, i don’t know why people are acting like there’s nothing blizzard can do. there’s plenty of ways to incentivize the necessary server transfers needed to make things more balanced. and you can simply prevent rolling one faction on servers that are too lopsided. but blizzard just doesn’t care enough to do it, I don’t think.

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They havent figured out faction balance in retail, why do you think they would suddenly figure it out for classic?

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Says horde.

The imbalance was present early in classic too for alliance.

I play Horde because I like Horde.

I would prefer that Alliance had more incentives so we would have less players that only care about min/maxing racials and not the faction itself.

But do not expect anything to change, this imbalance came to stay, accept it or move on.

blizzard barely acknowledges the faction imbalance of retail and you want them to do it for classic?

and besides how would this even get fixed? the forced transfer of people randomly until all the servers are 50/50?

One solution would have been to limit the boosted characters to an Alliance boost only. Since they didn’t, if you hadn’t noticed, everyone and their mother used their 58 boost on a Horde character.

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I would be happy with 60/40 or even 70/30 but 99/1 is awful and those servers shouldnt even be labeled pvp

probably wont get fixed unless they add paid faction changes…which I can see them doing soonish.

i come from 15 years into the future
the year is 2021 and the latest Expansion shadowlands shows… still not balanced

Like they did from Mankrik to Windseeker.

You still have time!:

They are not allowing Horde to transfer off Skeram, which is 99/1 Horde.

They are allowing alliance (…and more horde? w/e) to transfer to Skeram though.

Will Faction Balance ever get fixed?

Posted on a horde, undead rogue in TBC. The issues with transfers and server health in general were ignored by blizzard AND the players. There’s nothing that would fix it other than merging realms and locking transfers. And well…there’d be a lot of backlash from people enjoying their faction imbalance then.