Will Cataclysm be Dead on Arrival?

I’m really excited for Cata as it was my favorite expannsion; however, it seems like everyone and their mother is preaching it’ll be dead by release and nobody will play it… I don’t wanna level a character on wrath in preparation for Cata if nobody is gonna play cata…

What are your guys’ thoughts?


90% of the playerbase will move to Cataclysm.


90% of Wrath’s playerbase? You really think? Seems like so many doomsayers…


Cata is going to be amazing. However it will be completely different from when it was retail due to meta gaming and how cata is laid out. You should watch some videos of 25 mans on private servers and watch the crazy stuff they do.


Most Wrath players will not but there MIGHT be enough that move over to make it worth while for a time.


The amount of people who would actually stay on wrath era is so small they really might as well just not. Either play vanilla, the true classic experience, or move on with the times.

Some of the arguments are just so silly


Fingers crossed it’ll be populated. Kinda wondering if they’ll add anything new like Path of the Titans (Originally announced with Cata back in the day but was scrapped), it’s like this big talent progression system like glyphs. Idk I’m excited, but seems like every streamer is saying Cata is dumb and makes their braindead followers repeat what they say even though Cata was a great expansion…Maybe I’m wrong about that


The forums are an extremely small fraction of the actual playerbase. And chances are a fair chunk of them that are here are just the same person on multiple alts trying to build a narrative


Seeing that server que times are coming back, itll be fine.


Wdym coming back? Predicted to or they are popping up on wrath era servers

cata classic will have more players than current wrath classic


You think? I would love to see that!

The wrath population really took a noticeable hit after the introduction of the token.

Personally, I think cataclysm is going to be a pretty good time in the beginning before the difficult raids start filtering people.


Nothing is ever dead on release literally. Heck blizzard could release shadowlands and it wouldn’t be dead on release. Now if you’re asking if it will be dead several months in than that’s a bit harder but for cata I really doubt it.

You have to understand the most likely person to want to post is someone that wants to complain. Think about all the things you got in life that were good right, did you go and review that product? Probably not, but if you get something bad or that annoys you one of the first things people think to do is go and give a bad review well the forums are kinda like that.


Good analogy, I really think people only hate on Cata so much is because of what came from it (raid finder, more flying) and even then Idk why raid finder is that big of an issue. It’s mainly for ppl who want to experience storyline without having to full raid. Personally, I think dungeon finder was more of an issue then raid finder. Again, ppl only complain because a streamer or some public figure told them to complain…


I’d be surprised if there isn’t enough to fill the major servers. Many including me will definitely quit as they did in the prior expansions but I don’t think it means the game will be unplayable


Lot of people are engaged with Wotlk ATM.

They’ll be singing a different toon before you know it.


I believe there will be a draw a split between the hardcore raiders and the casual game enjoyers who just want to stop at some point. And wrath might be one of the points where you can get pretty good with just casual play. Because tbc endgame was swp and really it didn’t have 10man, nor differential difficulties. I can see them making the financial choice to have both as wrath has some gear which is really good in wrath because the token might be worth more endphase, in addition many raiders see cata as mop waiting room. I also am a degenerate who thinks splitting the game into six or so different versions is a good thing and they will charge to character clone.

Problem is the hardcore raiders will want to push next expansion but I believe that people will go cata and return to wrath to finish up things. But honestly I will likely in cata get the staff on mage, and quit until they confirm cata era and just twink on characters which can use shadowmourne as I do not believe in self inflicted suffering.

I feel like the concept of wrath era servers are dumb but my opinion. I don’t understand wanting to sit on an expansion where you’ve already done everything and nothing new every comes to the game. I’m not saying Cata is the best option either, but new content is good. They have nearly 5 I think versions of the game? (Classic, Hardcore, Wrath, Retail, Classic Season of Discovery,) And I feel like its making WoW as a whole feel dead with the entire community split between so many different versions of the game. I was kinda hoping for classic plus to rejoin the community instead of keep farming the nostalgic trip that is Cataclysm Classic and beyond. They need to make NEW content that has the style of old WoW with the addition of already used concepts into it (RBGS, Hunter focus, Don’t get rid of classic trees, don’t get rid of being able to use two weapons like hunter’s bow and polearm, don’t add flying to the whole continent, etc). Just my thoughts, I’d really like to see them just change retail to something similar to classic but still adding new storylines or taking classic and taking the entire thing down a different storyline…


It will be the lowest populated of the classic releases. I will not be playing it. Only one possible thing that may get me to play is solo que arenas. But i doubt it.

We begged for AV to be fixed in vanilla. We begged for dual spec and rdf in TBC. We begged for RDF at launch in WOTLK. N9 more. Im done with these turds. They have a few players that they listen to and those few players do not come close to what the majority want.

Good luck to those that continue. Maybe if they redid tbc with dual spec and rdf, i might go back to that. I enjoyed original cata but it really is the beginning of the dumbing down and tanking became stupid.