Will blizz start banning people for racism and sexual harassment then?

When you report someone it usually puts them on ignore and removes their chat from your logs. So are you being harrassed by someone specifically making alts just to internet stalk you?

Something smells fishy here.


That has no bearing on reality, though.

Blizzard punishes people for this.

My understanding is that the game notifies you when you have been reported.

As long as the offending behavoir stops, does it really matter what action Blizz took?

Nope. Or maybe I just haven’t been reported in the last decade and a half.

Again, though, they won’t notify you of disciplinary actions issued (if any), they’ll just thank you for the report.

This depends on who you ask. For some people, just having the offender on ignore is not enough and they don’t seek “justice”, but rather vengeance. I have to wonder if the offended, in cases like these, would actually be satisfied if they were notified when someone they reported was punished.

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Without seeing the whole story it is hard to say. Blizz does tend to be a bit more hands off with Guilds and Communities where a person voluntarily spends time - and has the tools to remove themselves from the situation. There is also the issue of “mutual combat” so to speak where two people willingly engage in an argument that just gets ugly. One or both may get a silence for a while if reported, but that falls into a different category than ongoing harassment.

Ongoing Harassment is a big deal and something Blizz takes pretty seriously. It takes time to build a case though and the person being harassed has to use the tools in place to block the offender/s. Once the offender goes around those tools then Blizz can apply different penalties.

The CS forum serves as an Information Desk and has an article about how it works.

The Forum Support Agents there would be the ones to ask about policies - they can often answer any questions or explain things.


This recently changed in patch 9.1.5. You can now get notified in game if there are recent reports against you. You can also get notified if a report you filed was acted in. I get a pop up in the top right telling me action was taken pretty often when reporting LFG advertisers now. Or maybe it was some of the trade chat nonsense I reported? I don’t know specifically. Just that reports were acted on.


Remember the slippery slope. And remember that once you let the thought police in, eventually they’ll come for you.


Yes, people often neglect vital details to make their side of things more appealing.

How curious.

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Stock standard for the internet.

Can you imagine an internet where you took every claim someone made as legitimate without trying to verify the information?

Things are bad enough as it is…but to set that as a standard would be ridiculous


The ignore feature is a joke. As I was harassed myself several times, I can guarantee ignoring solves almost nothing.


You can think what you want. It is what you say out loud/write and do around others that can be actioned. Such has it ever been. Consequences for actions do happen - and one of the oldest is that groups will not want to be around someone who acts like a jerk.


Remember that actions have consequences, and the anonymity of the internet is not impenetrable armor.

maby sometimes kinda i suppose but from experience i find this statement to be a joke

It does not. Only until you get warned or banned that you’ll have an (automated) message from Blizz.

Only mail you’ll get from reporting people is an automated mail saying “ty for reporting, we dealt with the player in question!” …but 99% of the time they didn’t do anything. As i’ve used the report function to report bots, and i’d get the email 2 days later and i still see the bot running around for months on end. It’s a joke.

This tbh. Not sure if they put in that feature they talked about to ignore a whole Bnet acc as some harassers go the whole mile on making alts to harass and even if you ignore 1 alt, they can just delete it, and remake it and harass you again under the same name. It’s broken and pointless. These types of guys who are unhinged and start a crusade because a girl said “no, go away”, need a vacation (ban) and a trip to the psych ward. Their mentality isn’t healthy.

It’s not 1984 just because it’s not acceptable to call people slurs in online games for children.


Sure, but the problem is that what is deemed unacceptable has become much wider, and is ever widening. Joking is practically impossible, because any attempt at humour WILL offend somebody.
And, Mirasol, I am far from some alt-right type. I am probably to the “left”, in most things, of almost everybody here.


I like watching it happen though :laughing:

WoW is not for children.

Says it right there on the box.