Will 4000+ Queues force more fresh servers?

Pretty typical of blizzard to get stuff completely wrong, are people willing to sit in thousands person queues for days?

At what point does blizzard add another server if the demand for fresh exceeds their expectations? I can see people just quitting if they can’t ever get on to play for the first week or more of pre patch.

Could very easily merge the fresh servers later down the road if there was a worry about longevity or open transfers after 90 days to fresh server three and if Skyfury and Maladath are healthy leave their transfers off until a later date.

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By now I would hope they have the foresight to know these servers will thin out considerably each week for the next month.
They should know by now that for half of the people rolling on these new servers, “fresh” is a mentality, not a goal. Once they get that dopamine boost of being in the initial wave, they will go back to their original servers and everything will even out.
Absolutely no need to cave and put up new servers just to have to delete or consolidate them in six months.


I really hope they don’t add any more servers. There were so many dead ones for Classic Era and TBC because they added too many.

The queues will die down after a few days just as they did before.


They should absolutely NOT add more fresh servers.


if blizzard was going to add more servers they would have been better off just not deleting the 20 or so servers that already had no one on them.


MAJOR issues not being corrected is why these servers died

The honor grind in classic is physically unhealthy. It needed to be changed.
TBC Arena was killed off that start with moronic changes. The honor per bg in TBC was almost like a running joke on its playerbase. This also needed changed.

Things that needed changed were left untouched and things that needed to be left alone were changed.

Would you expect anything different from the current devs?

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Well, considering everybody are on mega servers, I’m hoping they spent some time fixing the queues since TBC’s launch.

Because the launch in a month is going to be rough.

On the other hand, pretty sure you are overestimating the amount of people who want to start fresh.


Probably not, but people don’t ‘spread out’ like the devs want, so that causes queues on servers anyhow and dead servers right from the get-go.


Dont care if ques get up to 10,000 would rather they not release a new server as in about 2 weeks it will be normal population. If they release new servers there will be ghost towns.


The problem I see is people causing absurd queues on mega servers like Benediction and people just rolling on Maladath to troll until they can play at a later time on their home realms. Just taking names, and queue space. I don’t see there being a need for more than one fresh server.

Doubt it but I think we’ll see more people rolling onto the existing barely-living servers.

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2 posts, retail account…

Are you new to Classic? Are you unaware of the layering technology they’ve used to get people into the game despite trying to login to the already 25k+ player servers?

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If theyre smart they’ll ignore the initial tourist rush and not over react to adding more servers. 1 East 1 West. That’s all they need.


Based on the amount of servers that have been merged … I say no it will not …

BUT WOTLK and MOP are the two most popular xpacs in WoW’s history soooo.

We just need MORE LAYERS


Good luck any one of us in Bene and Fae lmao.

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One fresh for each is the right decision IMO. I actually think just 1 fresh PvP would’ve been best.


Just logged in no queue (skyfury unofficial oceania server)

were fresh servers having large queues last night? I got in right after it went live and stayed on until I went to bed.

why cant they just make the servers bigger? retail servers hold 100k people or more to a server why is classic locked at around 10k per server