Why XP buff in new season?

how you expect me to level the rest of my alts? go play era if you want a slow leveling experience

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Can you please actually link this statement instead of telling others to find the imaginary blues post where they state SoD IS classic?

Here is what the devs actually have said about SoD:

“SoD is an interesting NEW TWIST on WoW classic”

Here is an actual link to what the devs have ACTUALLY said…

Not that it is WoW classic. WoW classic happened in 2019. To say SoD is WoW classic is delusional because it’s clearly NOT classic. It’s just happening in classic era.

They said SoD is Classic, bucko

Quote it. We’re waiting.

good news. you can turn it off. see you in azeroth

Here you go dummy

I mean… because leveling isn’t really that much fun? Well, at least to me… hell I wished they’d make it 100% or higher.

That’s about what I expected. Do you know what the word version means?

Bro… It’s a VERSION of classic WoW. keyword, “VERSION”. Not that it IS.

This is just so unbelievably pedantic. You both should be embarrassed.

Actually it’s retail lite.

You could’ve fooled me.

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That’s an interesting way to admit you’re wrong.

I fail to see what’s embarrassing about knowing the definitions of words and being able to read.

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Go play era if that’s what you want. This is not era and leveling is not the focus content.

The only thing I’m embarrassed for, is your reading comprehension ability.

Its a version of classic, its not classic.

Theyve said that they want to make it more alt friendly and available to everyone, and focus on the cap and exploration, not the levelling, which is exactly what they did.

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Patch 1.12 is a version of Vanilla. Is that not Classic?

It’s based on Classic. You have the old world, the old quests, the older skill trees etc. unfortunately that’s where it ends beingClassic (imo)
I’d wager a lot of the players don’t play Era.

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Where are you trying to go with this? You can go play version 1.12 in classic era. This is version 1.15… a VERSION of classic.

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So they’re both versions of Classic, and one is Classic, but the other is not Classic?

Been working hard on that reply. Good luck!

If you want to get technical then yes. 1.12 is classic. Classic ended where the true vanilla ended. 1.15 is a version of classic but is no longer purely classic.

In reality, 1.12 is a version of the 1.12 that existed in 2006. (true vanilla) The 2019 1.12 was not the exact same as the 1.12 2006 version. Therefore, it’s a version of it.

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