Why XP buff in new season?

As much as I love the classic leveling experience it I’m not going to do it for extremely temporary versions of the game. My time is more valuable than sinking all those hours into it and having the chars wiped.

thats what retail is for… dont ruin classic experience for others :slight_smile:

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This isn’t retail nor is this classic. It’s an experimental temporary game mode that is most likely being used for data gathering for whatever they do decide to do in the future with a more permanent set of servers.

Why the hell would they waste our time with the classic leveling on such short phases and servers? Just doesn’t make any sense bro, kudos to them for focusing on the discovery aspect and not the unchanged leveling.

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Classic era is still there waiting

I’m literally already 50, if you don’t think this is a problem then you won’t be satisfied until leveling is removed entirely.

Turn it off or don’t come to the forums. Those are your options.

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it would be nice, as it adds no value.

leveling in wow is meaningless now, as the leveling game does not merge into the levelcap game in any way.

Leveling is fun.

lol think a little bit, keeping you hooked, playin the game is one of their main goals so you keep paying…if u valuable too much your time you shouldnt be playing videogames

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Im satisfied with it either way but I like it how it is now.

personally i think it’s probably only like 10% and tbh probably less than that, my guild only had 1 person who bought gold and he got a temp ban

Bro, this is SEASONAL content. Meaning, at the end of the season, it’s done, over, ending, good-bying, dying.

Why time gate something that typically takes the average person 1-2 months to obtain when we’re on this time restraint due to this version of the game ending at the end of the season.

You spelt “raised to 100%” wrong.

No, it isn’t. SoD is SoD.


how you expect me to level the rest of my alts? go play era if you want a slow leveling experience

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Can you please actually link this statement instead of telling others to find the imaginary blues post where they state SoD IS classic?

Here is what the devs actually have said about SoD:

“SoD is an interesting NEW TWIST on WoW classic”

Here is an actual link to what the devs have ACTUALLY said…

Not that it is WoW classic. WoW classic happened in 2019. To say SoD is WoW classic is delusional because it’s clearly NOT classic. It’s just happening in classic era.

They said SoD is Classic, bucko

Quote it. We’re waiting.

good news. you can turn it off. see you in azeroth

Here you go dummy