Why do people hate on warriors?

Easy to play? You mean as easy as the 1 button rotation classes in era? I dont think so

The problem isn’t that this is the best way to keep your DPS from being threat capped, the problem is that everyone and their mom wants to meta chase in this game now, and when expectations aren’t aligned it causes frustration.

A chill/casual guild is still gonna clear the content just fine, although it will be harder and take longer. A player who wants a casual raid and finds themselves in a parsing raid is gonna be annoyed that they have to push really hard to accommodate the different playstyle.

Sigh… Especially the younger crowd. All the DPS warriors and the MT were like freshmans in college when I raided in Classic, some of them were highschoolers.

I’m not slamming them, I enjoyed playing with them and had my laughs, but there was some abusive stuff going on, mostly towards the healers. All the healers had a fall out except for like a few most dedicated. I remember a healer shammy got the Scepter in AQ and then quit the game right after lol.

Well, Only entitled class and arrogant are paladins. Bubble → hearth, That builds arrogance and entitlement. Not to mention a free mount!

Well, Not a lot of people loved to level a warrior vanilla times. It was pretty depressing. At around 40+ things started to look better but to get there was like watching Bob Ross painting, too many happy little trees and you were dead because fighting more than 1 npc was not possible.

Okay -

1 - You act like you’re above telling people to go play Era.

2 - You act like above an ad hominem attack.

3 - You think you’re above discounting what people say because it’s pretty obvious they aren’t serious… I pointed out sea lioning and you called a dude contrarion for disagreeing with you. I’d get a link, but this is a pain.

You’re just a massive hypocrite and you’re dog water at playing a warrior.


Yea warrior is easily the hardest to level. Thats why they get rewarded with big scaling. Other people are jelouse of the warrior because of the big damage but no one wants to put in the work to get the warrior leveled and geared to do those numbers. When you ask if dps was so important to them then why didnt they play warrior they always say the same lame excuse. “Warrior is boring” and its true if you never hit max level with good gear.

Hilarious you have to take me out of context from other threads to paint a picture lol

Also absolving your buddy of any antagonistic behavior that led me to explain why I had him on ignore in the only example you could scrape up from this thread to say I’m using ad-hominem.

Within the scope of this conversation you’re the one using ad hominem apropos of nothing!

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They should stack Prot through the roof if they don’t like Warrior mischief. At least then they can be dominant tanks.

But I saw Arms eatin’ good in ST, so I dunno.

Okay :clown_face:

20+ warriors in raids say otherwise.

I don’t really care if you’re nice in this one thread. You can literally look in this thread and see the warrior mongoloids in action.

Warrior isn’t hard to play. I’d argue it isn’t even hard to level since you can just grind dungeons. Plus half you dimwits just got boosted anyhow.

I leveled a warrior in vanilla. I was a MT. If you think it’s “hard” and that’s why you deserve “big numbers” over other people, you’re stupid and should feel bad.

Go play Era where you can green parse and pretend you’re good at the game.

20 plus warriors in raid and 10 crybaby dps mad their class was easy to level but sucks in the end game. Like druids :rofl:


So sayeth the terribad warrior.

“Why are warrior players disliked?”

All the warriors come out to prove without a doubt why.

Unfortunately the anti-Warrior party reads “we want Warrior to be competitive” as “Warrior must be the top dps by a mile end of story!”. They’ll screech to the heavens about how if Warrior simply made viable now that it would be too strong at 60, conveniently ignoring the fact that the devs are capable of balancing by phase and if Warriors do get too strong later they can be pulled back

I’ve long since given up on trying to explain that Warrior doesn’t need to be miles ahead of everyone else, it just needs to be on the same level. Although I also haven’t actually played my Warrior since the start of phase 2 either, so I can’t really comment on its current position on the charts anyway.


All this needs is a response from Sthis padding you on the back for being a big boy and we’ll be right back where we started 20 responses ago

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You beat Gnomer yet big boy?

By about mid phase 2 warrior mid pack, by the end they were upper middle. In BFD they were top iirc.

Right now, warriors are doing fine also.

So warriors have only sucked (lower mid) for like the start of phase 2.

I don’t know what you’re tired of exactly.

Leveling a warrior in Vanilla was not that challenging, it’s never been hard to level any class even in Vanilla, and leveling in SOD is a joke for any class.

While I haven’t looked at the statistics for a while and obviously things could have changed, one of the more interesting things that came out of the HC Deathlog statistics, was that warriors didn’t really have a higher death rate then any other class and in fact all classes had a pretty similar death rate and most classes died at the same level and at the same rate, even then classes you would expect would be super easy didn’t really live longer than warriors like hunters, and locks the other pet class surprisingly died a more then warriors did.

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You’re using a slur that’s used to describe people with Downs Syndrome, as a slur, to describe other players.

I really couldn’t care less about your opinions.

Funny when my parses from 2019 Classic are visible on this character.

Warriors earn their right to those big numbers by being absolutely awful at every other aspect of the game.

Everything is relative. Is Warrior the hardest class to level? Yep. Is leveling a Warrior harder than beating Battletoads 3? Nope.

Yep, you are only good in MC when you over gear it and you did poorly in AQ (too retail I guess).

He’s telling you the data

He’s telling you the data from hardcore WoW doesn’t support this notion.

Do you seriously take pride in completing that raid?