Why would the jailer keep them alive?

I’m curious why the Jailer didn’t just kill off the characters that got captured? It would have been the quick and simple solution, and then he gets their anima as well. Or does he need living creatures for something else? Perhaps to send back a soul that’s wielded his power before?

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It seems that getting the Anima out there as Stygia is a more complicated process. It requires the suffering of the being. So killing them would just yield a very tiny amount, but tortouring them for years will yield a lot more.

Shadowlands are basically a huge industrial farming facility, especially in Ravendreth and the Maw … with free ranging cattle in Ardenweald and semi in Bastion.

(Speculative): Four leaders of Azeroth. A new Four Horsemen, perhaps?

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pokes the trangs mecha thing again with her small stick
But 5 were set to be abducted, they however failed!


(Speculative): Never hurts to have a spare tire for your car.


throws a really big acorn
Don’t call Tyrande a spare tire!

(Clarification): I was more thinking of Baine, honestly. Of all the abducted leaders he was the one with no real power. Probably why he was cast out of Torghast. Thrall had Shamanism, Jaina has Arcane magic, Anduin has the Light, and Tyrande has… well, the power of a Goddess.

collects up her acorn and nods still a bit flashing

I see what you did there with the past tense.

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(Query): Has Thrall regained his Shaman powers yet?

(Observation): If not, well, past tense is the correct choice.

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Don’t worry, she’ll be a total boss at the end of her arc.


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Nah don’t worrying actually not seeing this happen at all.

Exacitor: I’m not saying you were wrong, unfortunately. I’m just saying I noticed.

And weirdly dark energy according to the novel.

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Rather depends if making stitched horrors is a hobby for the Jailor or not.

(Commentary): Understood. Unit Exacitor was merely hoping something had been datamined that he hadn’t learned of yet.


For the obvions Sylvanas and Jailer redemption…

Well, Tyrande is way too weak to be a raid boss anyway.
In Darkshore she almost dies as a quest boss for 1 player, no way she’d be a threat to a whole raid.

She is completely useless, weak and incompetent.

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Does she? Because I remember her completely ignoring me to beat up Nathanos before yeeting a moon at a Val’kyr when she hit half health and sending Nathanos fleeing.

Felt more like me and Malfurion were pretending to fight while we watched her try and turn him into a smug puddle.


Well she just respeced from Priest to God. You have to learn your spec before you get good with it, and after a bit of practising on the target dummy Nathanos she now is tearing apart Thorgast and the maw soling it.

Yes Darkshore was … not well transported in 8.1 at all, but if you read between the lines:

  1. She obliterated the Horde army there with single spells.
  2. She was completely invincible to any damage from the Valkyr aswell as Nathanos.
  3. She kills the Valkyr, the risen Kaldorei and nearly killed off Nathanos who had to flee.

The only thing in 8.1 I really dispised was that he still succeeded with the raising of Sira and Delaryn.
I wouldn’t have mind if he did that before and thus we were too late, but in the presence of Tyrande it was extremely badly written.

Also we’re getting 2 more cinematics with Tyrande showing off:

  1. When she kills Nathanos in the prepatch
  2. When she kills off the ones capable off abducting even Jaina.

Nothing of that matters when 8.1 was going to be all the revenge / justice for Teldrassil. Just not enough.

Giving Nathanos a free ticket to the maw won’t change that, especially when it’s in one of those low quality ingame cutscenes that Tyrande always gets