Why were Scenarios removed?

MOP 3 man scenarios were a quick break of pace from things at max level, most only taking 15-20 mins to clear and the queues were always instant.

Why hasn’t any expansion since brought them back? Would you play them if they came back?


I enjoyed them for the most part and yes, I would play them if they came back.

I don’t know why they weren’t carried forward but it’s kind odd to me that important parts of the story were included in them but now all but forgotten.



Yes they were used to carry the story forward in MOP quite a bit, even including the death of the Warchief & the destruction of Theramore. I just think it’s a waste that they aren’t really replayable or a thing anymore. :frowning:


I would play them, I thought they were fun.


wasn’t mop scenarios the underpinnings of bfa island expeditions?


Because Blizzard prefers to abandon side content from expansion to expansion to put all their effort towards raiding and mythic +.


Because story is Blizzard’s favourite kind of FOMO.


Scenario’s are still around, just in a different form which leads me to believe the current iteration of them was always Blizzard’s endgame. The Ember Court is a scenario with multiple stages, and scenarios are also often present at the end of questlines or campaign chapters with their various “Stage 1-5” criteria. So though they’re not in the dungeon queue anymore, they’re definitely still present today, just in different content.


Because changing the game around every expansion keeps your department well funded.


They weren’t very popular back then and were really just a testing ground for IEs and their warfronts.

You can still do the Scenarios if you want.

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I remember doing daily scenarios in MoP. I think they gave a little bit of currency and rep that I’d spend at vendors or something.

They were popular at first but then Blizzard removed the rewards from them so there was no longer a reason to do them repeatedly. If you remove the rewards from any content they will wane in popularity.


I think they were a blast, quick xp, a little gold, and a way to expand upon the lore.


Yeah, was about to point this out myself.

They do TECHNICALLY get used from time to time, mainly for big story related content such as the Legion and BfA intro, and solo scenarios do pop up fairly frequently now, but they haven’t been used as originally intended since MoP.

Just seems like another one of those things that was ultimately a total waste. Hell, I’m willing to bet many folks that joined after WoD don’t even know these are a thing.

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Exactly this.

If they’d stop to iterate on previous ideas, the side content could be incredible and evolve in ways the developers never anticipated.

Meh, too hard!

More raids! More affixes in mythic +!!


They weren’t popular enough, they were poorly done and uninteresting.

Yeah, IDK why they got rid of them. They were a great way of telling stories and getting immersed in the lore IMO.

I’d play them if they came back.

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I really liked that scenarios were something to do while you’re in queue that neither interrupt your queue or get interrupted by your queue.
Also islands were nice too, but the downside was you had to queue from one specific location (or be in a group).

Blizzard really likes to abandon features, it makes sense for stuff that failed but people loved scenarios.


To be honest — they should add scenarios back as MASSIVE - ‘fill ins’ for most the stuff that happens when they write for the story in books.

— That way people don’t have to read, given they got the major gist of the plot and so forth without so much confusion.

And those that generally enjoy the books and still want an exclusive feed & intricate details can still read, and those that want the cold-hard cores from the story can grasp the narrative from the scenario (And obviously you can do both!) :partying_face: