Why the lack of Customization?

Good. Perhaps the tension “in the room” made me misread your intent.

Glad you put this on record… some folk really grill you on why you liked a thing sometimes…

Can I change my mind again? Cause… Vorador… :eyes:

At the very least people will stop arguing about it. rofl!


Yes because that was Blast’s point. Look at how you’re reacting. You even state this,

You’re proving that depending on how something is said, a person will react differently, but how they will react we won’t know until they do.

That’s why I said I get what Blast was trying, but that with the people so engrossed into the Blood/High/Void thing it won’t matter because so many are quick to their pitchforks.

I’m not proposing anything, disagree all you want. My post was to Blast and like I told Lann could that I DM him I would’ve.

I am not sure why Lann or you jumped in and claim I am sounding like I’m victim blaming. Like I said I can only surmise because of being so engrossed over the high elf stuff.

Lol, yeah I don’t always do that but I have had people comment on posts I like previously so I figured before I had finished reading all the way through your post that I’d be specific just in case but that doesn’t mean now that I’ve read it that I don’t support other stuff you directed or said to others as well because I do, it’s a good but long post. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


This is what I was saying in my reply to Blast. People too into the blood/high/void thing are too tense for him to bring that kind of inquiry up, it gets misinterpreted too quickly. Too heated.

Please do, love Vorador. Like an awesome mentor.

Goodness I wish to relive playing those games again.

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The difference being that I’m not revealing real life info about people as a reaction, and if I did the same people saying that it’s okay it happened to Lann would be crucifying me for it because I no longer care about high elves.

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Because you expressed understanding at the person expressing that and then went on to give an analogy that looks pretty suspect.

Do you recall this? This is what I was referencing because these threads do take these turns, and the person you were claiming to never having stood up for what’s important when they see it always has from what I have seen.

You now on the other hand have a different story unique to you of course.

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I have been following this topic for a while now. I think the meaning of my posting got lost in translation. But to be fair, I haven’t paid enough attention to the situation as well, I didn’t realize you guys were still talking about “victim blaming is okay”. Everything muir said is correct.

It was about the person you asked me. I actually went further back in the timeline and the posting is still there with the name if you want to look for yourself. Haven’t really saved the direct link to it because I didn’t think it will become relevant again.

I’m not sure what this response has correlation to in my reply to Blast. I didn’t bring up anything about revealing real life info being ok, I only commented on his inquiry.

He is clearly not as per here:

I interpreted him correctly.

Both takes came across as blaming Lann for the actions of others based on him “provoking” them.

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I was happy at first because LFD at least could have a second pretty non-sad face.

Then they took that away too (:

IMO LFD and Highmountain should be baked into their parent races. With all the voicelines they are removing is not like we would lose that much anymore.

To you and a few others it comes across that way, just like I and the few others who have liked my post (as I presume they agree with it) took it differently. And indeed Blast confirms my take.

This is why I stress everyone’s reactions/actions are their own and that it was an unnecessary inquiry to those engrossed in the high elf stuff.

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Don’t you love how the recruitment scenario for LFD was literally Lightforging a normie Draenei :rofl:


“Hey guys, the recruitment of your new race is turning your old race in the new one”

“wait what?”

“Also from a class combo that the new race can’t have.”

“But why have less combos? if they are just-”

“Also, they are led by a human”


“Also the ship they use is the same shipnormal draenei made”


“And they also use Elekks even though it makes absolutely no sense for their lore yeah”.


Mechagnomes is them merging into one society with normal Gnomes under Mekkatorque.


Well you’re saying the same thing which is what I said as well so yeah. Glad that mystery was solved I suppose.

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Blast was just victim blaming plain and simple. He needs to examine why he thinks that way.

They’re usually very cheap on Steam. I still play them from time to time.

Any word on if that new Talbuk mount is going to be their new pally charger?


Alliance AR are soooo inspired… /s

(I say this despite having been wanting plain ol’ high elves lol)


Imagine if we got Ethereals Or Arakkoa instead :drooling_face:
(Boy is using the mobile version very finicky)

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