Why the lack of Customization?

That was a part but not the whole or even majority of the reason.

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Nice we will have new customization optio might i remember all that for what i can see (and find) the option for add tails or be tail-less for Worgen has been a request since… maybe Cataclysm
I’m not sure if for lore is possible to have tails for Worgen but have them would be nice, maybe even reusing Vulperas tails and movements…

and yet for Vulperas be tail or tail-less is possible, capt’n Eudola is tail-less, maybe in the future since vulperas are the ones with tails and worgen without tail… maybe only maybe, reuse code of each one to benefit both?

Not a bad thing at all. People over-criticize ARR, because they’ve done it a million times and it’s less engaging on replays.

This needs to happen immediately and to remove holiday restrictions on tmogs . Just let us tmog them all yr around that’s the whole point of grinding for them during events .


Could we get some eye colors for Draenei while you’re at it, including a blind option? It’s weird that we didn’t get any when (almost) everyone else did.


I have a question regarding the lightforged draenei. The gold looking stuff on their skin but not the glowy tattoos is that something that could be optional. I like the bright color of the tattoo but the harsh gold color of whatever it is on their skin i am not fond of.

You are the wind beneath my wings!


Thank you. YES! Finally it seems they are trying to go for the EASY wins and give people something more with character customizations.

Very good news, as someone who has fooled with the character customizations for sometimes hours at a time, i greatly appreciate this. Also IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!


Any additions or improvements to character customizations are super welcome. Thank you for doing these despite people constantly treating these like they are not enough, or acting super entitled about perceived slights when it comes to characters getting options.

As a Pandaren player, I would love more female options. Especially when it comes to hair, since the jewelry and ornaments stuck with the hair styles often clash with most transmogs I make, and I tend to be a invis helm type of mogger cause of helmets looking rather bad on pandas.

An option to recolor those decorations like how other races are able would be awesome! Or just more plain hair stylings. The tomboysih short Parted style is my favorite of the new ones.


Hey Linxy,

Really happy to hear Highmountain Tauren are next!

If you could lend me your ear for a moment, I would super appreciate it.
I have a few suggestions for improvements to HMT (I know everyone likes to make suggestions and what’s considered a good suggestion is highly subjective, and mine could very well be poor suggestions. However I think there is a tiny bit of thought behind them and hopefully these are things already under development or up for consideration.)

  1. Highmountain Tauren Eagle flying mount.
    These eagles are used throughout the zone for flight paths and for some of the quests. It feels as though these should be the racial flying mount for Highmountain Tauren.

  2. Unique Hex options for HMT Shamans.
    The Trolls have a handful of tomes which teach them unique Troll inspired hex’s, such as little skeleton dinosaurs. I think it would be neat to have Highmountain Salmon or Spiketail Beaver as hex spells for HMT Shamans to learn. :partying_face:

  3. Highmountain Tauren Druid Cat form and Aquatic form.
    I would like to see these forms more inspired by the Highmountain zone, I think the cat form being more unique from other races could be an improvement. The Highmountain Prowler/ Mountain Lion seems like it would be more fitting thematically. The best recommendation I can think of for a HMT Aquatic form would be a River Otter as that appears to be the symbol of the Rivermane Tribe in the area, as their totem icon is an otter. :exploding_head:

Secret Stretch Goal: Bring back the totem relic slot but this time it functions similarly to the tabard slot, in that it doesn’t provide stats but allows for the appearance of totems on the back of your character. (Right now Highmountain Totems just sit in inventory bag space and need to be right clicked to be activated, they also don’t appear on your character at the log in screen.) If I could be so cheeky to sneak in a suggestion of a totem that appears as a hollowed out totem with arrows in it, for my RP hunter bros out there. :nerd_face:

Super Secret Stretch Goal: Totem Weapon for transmog. :sunglasses:

Super Duper Ultra Secret Stretch Goal: Taunka faces (Note: I know there is no real justification for this since there are none in Highmountain. I just think they look cool. :flushed:)


I believe you have mentioned that you are wanting to add Blood elf druids, I support that, but beyond that can you mention a desire for Night Elf Paladins?? If anything else, next expac.

But thank you for posting in a community thread, we need more of that.

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agreed but that would = FUN and FUN alwasy gets removed from the game.

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Thank you for the communication!

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Since customization is suddenly the hot topic, any chance you can add some more “hulkbear” customizations?

See here for a few examples/suggestions:


Blizz please :drooling_face:


Old gods yes! Those are amazing.

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As far as toys go, could the Honor Level Pennants and the Nazjatar Faction Banners have their level requirements removed?

Both are only cosmetic toys and Honor Level is now a feature for characters from all levels.

i always wanted one of these


At the risk of sounding greedy, could we also trouble the team to loosen the transmog restrictions on at least a few of the holiday items?

Like, the Brewfest Hats and [X] Sister’s Hats in particular are really silly to be restricted, when you consider the former are just regular hats and the latter have a usable variant available as a dungeon drop.


Its a good update but sometimes it gets annoying that the elf fanbase is the only one that gets listened too when it comes to customization additions

That’s really great to hear! More customization is always good news

Maybe more customization for worgen in the future? I really think helm customization could really use some love for worgen. A lot of helms look great on vulpera. Worgen need this too imo very badly