Why the lack of Customization?

Omg yes! Please for males and females. Please fix the male faces, they look so weird.

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Just going to leave this here since Blizzard has been ignoring worgen player feedback since Cata Alpha.


Yes, truly. I just recently made a Worgen with my family and we do enjoy the new model way more. The Worgen do still needs help and support from the community, namely a claw attack (already inGame but not available) and tails to be an actual player race which does not reek human.


Or you know you could make it so we can transmog white items or even grey items as mog


Could the missing colors/variations for certain druid forms be addressed, as described here: Overlooked Druid Travel Form Issues

Custimizations is not going to bring back subs. More is nice to have, but not a basic priority not only that, but given into people who are having two year old fits because they want blood elves on Alliance.

My blood elf and many others lost more of their identity

Breaking lore will make more people unsub.


true but it does put up a nice smokescreen to distract from blizzards mistreatment of the people who do all the work and the fact that we are in for a severe content drought

and its working. people are praising blizzard for porting over parent core race customization to the allied race. they actually think this stuff takes time to do, when it takes an afternoon between making the next shop mount


I didn’t. Nothing is worse than male Night Elves. :wink:
Their model is horrible. They should look more like Malfurion.

True. Paladins have very few likeable sets in this game. I mean it’s fine, if you like running around looking like a mighty morphin power ranger I guess lol.

This is fantastic news! More customization is always welcome, keep em’ coming!

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This is what i was implying on my previous post and yet i got ridiculed for it basically.

Some players don’t seem to understand just how many people play BE’s. They are like a good solid 70+ percent of the Horde population.


i miss my old game where you could choose every facial feature to make a unique face. Brows too thick? make em thinner. Lips too small? make em bigger. Makeup? choose your pre set. Hair color? choose from over 60 different colors. Armor ugly? wear a bikini and dont forget your Sherpa when running through cold zones. I’d love to see this in wow.

Would love to see mockup designs for the hair colors and possibly hairstyles of these announced allied races.

Welcome to the world of Void Elves as they demand everything and still say Blood Elves are not loosing anything. many people seem to forget the warning people were saying and yet here it is actually happening. Next will be paladins and after that blood elves will be kicked out of Silvermoon


Whenever the topic of faction imbalance comes up, people tend to offer illustrious histories of broken racials, snowball effects, and hardcore-centric issues like active raiding guilds. These are all cogent points, and I think they played a significant role in the current faction imbalance.

But there’s one other — probably even more significant — element to the faction imbalance:

Blood Elves are pretty.

I don’t think this gets brought up enough because it’s such a simple, seemingly shallow argument. But invested players often forget just how many casual players play WoW. Your average player cares very little (or not at all) about being invited to raids or gaining the edge in PvP. They’re just here to have fun and watch their avatar move around for an hour or two. I’ve always said that fashion is the true endgame, even before it became a gaming meme.

I get it; that’s why I play Draenei. For many people, Blood Elves are a generically attractive race. They’re going to attract lots of players. I don’t think Blizz has ever commented on this, but even back in TBC, myself and other players speculated that Belves were added to bring more players over to Horde (and also to balance out Horde’s image as the ‘monstrous’ faction). Before that, Night Elves were the ‘pretty elf’ race that casual players gravitated toward. Then came along Belves, and suddenly Nelves looked bulky and ugly compared to these Barbie/Ken doll elves. It doesn’t help that Belves were the closest (and are still the closest, Velves notwithstanding) thing we had to playable High Elves, which are a perennial wish for casual and hardcore players and everyone in between.

Everything else — busted racials (in the past), more raiding opportunities, more PvP opportunities, more skilled players, more active social community — may or may not be important to the most casual players, but these aspects are ultimately secondary to just looking cute/cool. And that’s going to draw a large chunk of people to Belves.

There’s a certain other game that lets you do this.

Phantasy Star Online 2!


Female draeneis are quite attractive. Despite the hooves.

also I see PSO2 player.


This is a start. What are the chances that you all keep paying attention to these forums rather than twitter and other platforms? This is literally Blizzards very own platform and it’s neglected as much as possible.

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Ok, what about CONTENT for 9.1.5?

Repeating the same mistake as 9.0.5?

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This topic has been mentioned for a brief moment today. Yes, the Blood Elves have been added by request by Asian players to have a pretty race.

They were distinct pretty early on - the Blood Elf starting zone was one of the earliest pieces of BC content and was highly polished by the time we rolled into testing.

I do remember a certain poor 3d artist having to chop the Silvermoon city into pieces because it was so overloaded many GPUs would overheat just loading it.

OH - one thing I vaguely remember was that Blood Elves were based on a STRONG request from a poll of asian players (either korean or chinese - I can’t remember which was live at that point) - where many remarked on the horde side that they and their girlfriends wanted a non-creepy femme race to play.

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Ahh, thanks for the refresher. I had completely forgotten about Korean players wanting a pretty/femme race.