Why the lack of Customization?

Pretty sure I wasn’t even talking to you so please don’t talk to me unless you want to end up ignored.


You don’t have to be snippy :confused:
They were replying directly to me when they stated this.


It’s dirty work, but someone has to do it.

Also, your Nightborne looks fantastic with the 9.1.5 additions. :purple_heart:


Thanks for that and yeah Nightborne are in a much better place than they were previously but they still have a long way to go to be as good as NPC Nightborne.

I’m still much happier with this character than I was before the patch though so I’ll give Blizzard that much. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Upon updating my nightborne’s appearance I noticed that most tattoos are barely visible. The luminosity does need to be increased a bit. All races should have multiple eye color options. I also checked all of the faces and most of them have either heavy facial creases, wrinkles and eye bags or all of these together. Most of the hair colors are so light that (At least for me) I can barely tell the difference. The hair texture (though this is actually true for couple of other races) needs work as does the jewelry.

I also updated my void elves and noticed that they only have one page of options to choose from as opposed to the other legion ARs. They should get all the same categories as the other races have at least. I suggest all of you void elf fans really start pushing for more Void options.

I even made a lightforged draenei. God, I love her pink hair and ivory skin, but wished they had darker skin tones, especially onyx to contrast with the beautiful gold accents. They also should have more eye colors than gold and brighter tattoos.


The amount of stuff I want for my Forsaken toons… omg the scary factor potential on them is truly amazing, and just as baffling how the devs basically ignored all the things they could have implemented for them in the core pass.

A link to a thread very much underserving of the ignore it gets from both posters AND devs alike:

I think something like the Night Warrior tattoo effect would be a good option (you see, a slight silvery focus over the regular tattoos of the Nelves).

Which race you meant, NB or Night elves?

Cause I absolutely oppose of glowing hands / hair for Night elves, that´s plain NB stuff and should stay as such. Not even Aszhara (the most Highborne elf to even Highborne) had this effect on her body.

Factions have nothing to do with this. And players have a right to their opinions, even if those aren´t in line with the opinions of other posters. You can rest asured the people I put on my “ignore” pile was put there cause we would have never ever agreed on anything and I just got fed up with their aggravating BS. And I´m absolutely convinced that people that put me on their ignore list had pretty much valid reasons to do so too. And that´s not a big deal.

Sometimes when people can´t get along the best course to take is for them to simply cease any attempt at interactions, no more and no less. And whwn this happens, other people shouldn´t make a ruckus about it as if this was actually relevant for the discussions, period.

Tl;dr: nobody has to be friends with others, the only thing we all must do is to be respectful towards each other, period. And sometimes to get respectful interactions one has to cease them with some posters, no more and no less.

No big deal.

THIS. 100% in agreement with all this.

Stuff like jewerly needs a HUGE color palette for both the metal AND the gems (at the very least Blizz should provide the same 7 base colors we have available on the Jewelcrafting profession ffs) so they don´t end up becoming “wasted assets” because they break tmogs. Eye and hair colors need a ripcord so every race can access any color available, cause after watching Velves effectively emulate the hair colors of Belves to argue hair colors are “part of the race visual identity” is nothing but BS. Scars too should ve available for all races as a toggle cause this is WARcraft and frankly, I think I´m not the only one that desires proof of the many battles my toons have had to fight in almost 2 decades of gameplay and God knows how many of lore.


Factions have everything to do with it. Many of these disagreements probably wouldn’t even exist if factions didn’t exist. The helf/velf vs belf fight has a lot to do with visual distinction which really only matters because factions exist. People really don’t want to share with “the enemy.” Which, yeah, as things are now I actually understand and somewhat agree with, but in the ideal world (or at least mine) there’d be no factions. People wouldn’t have to be fighting all the time about keeping their race unique to their team.


Are you aware most players actually have toons on both factions? “Enemies” are basically nonexistant as far as the actual bulk of the playerbase is concerned.

I repeat: factions have nothing to do with this. The actual disagreement is a quality standards one: people that don´t care over sharing everything and anything -causing yes, the dilution of visual uniqueness- and people that rather get some exclusive stuff so the races keep some modicum of visual differences.

Is not about “sharing with the enemy” is about getting a fair treatment as customers. And expecting Blizzard to fulfill visual aesthetic uniqueness is NOT related to the players on the opposing faction but on Blizzard´s own design trend since forever (you can blame the company for creating such expectative in some of us when they have kept this model since the introduction of every AR race AND the divergence in customization for most core race / AR race pair).


I guess it depends on the player. I been on the forums a long time and participated in many helf vs belf threads. Factions were definitely a motivation for people on both sides. I know for myself they were.

As for how things are now, I still see it. People seem more open to the idea of sharing things within their own faction like HMT/regular tauren and draenie/lfd, but velf/belf and nelf/nb? That just starts a whole ton of arguments.


wonder if theyre gonna ignore this thread and go back to ignore feedback while claiming they listen to women and racial diversity back at HQ

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I’d love more eye colors for lfd!

Also nightborne definitely still need work, I agree completely about their faces.

Nightborn, of course.

Don’t think I’ve seen any night elf NPCs with those options-- or even art.

It does.

Also, I don´t think i´ve ever seen Orc players asking for the Mag´har stuff nor vice versa, or regular Tauren players asking for the Moose Tauren options, etc. So obviously you won´t see “disagreements” on those playerbases. they by principle aren´t interested in getting two races cloned for the lols, period.

Heck, both Autai and Averyx were dismayed over LF Draenei not getting legitimate lightforged oriented stuff but just more jewerly like the regular Draenei do. So not even the faction excuse works from that angle, cause we have here players that did NOT like the AR and the core race getting the same stuff.

Ergo, my point. Is not about “Horde vs. Alliance”, is about not getting scammed with copy/pasted races.

The “closest” thing one can see regarding “bright tattoos” on a Night elf proper is Tyrande´s Night Warrior tattoos, but apart from that? Zero. milch. Nada.

I love that Night Elf architecture.

Hopefully they’ll build a new city based on that aesthetic. Maybe we can recapture Eldrethalas with the help of the Shen’dralar… Blizz you there? :eyes:


There are so many new places the Night Elves could settle.

Eldre Thalas
Val Sharrah
Aszuna even


hahahaha, no way you did this? Look at you… impressive :slight_smile: i like the fine print on the bottom too

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Quel’dorei is not a race name, it is a status/title of a race.

Quel’dorei- child of noble birth.

You should not be a Night elf to be a Highborn, any elf which has their nobility have the birth right to claim it.

Say it to Lady Vashj, who also claimed to be a Highborne even though she was turned into a Naga.

Also, explain the following quotes of the Nightborne:

“Lowborn scum”

“I cannot lose to a lowborn!”

“Scums like you should obey their betters”

“Lately, I have noticed, commoners do not appreciate us enough”

On another hand, I do not disagree with the fact, that the Nightborne are a different race, however, they think they are even better than the Highborne at the moment. Which is shown with their attitude.


Can you explain to me on how did you get Quel’dorei from Nightborne/Highborne?

Honestly I don’t think the Night Elves themselves would be that interested really.

I’d expect them to establish a new city near to Nordrassil and not to be terribly different than Darnassus was. That said the temple of the moon and some of the stone structures we saw in Darnassus are not that different from what we see during Legion for Night Elven architecture.

I do think ya’ll taking this a bit far though. I get that its Night Elf - Highborne buildings in Suramar (And Thus Nightborne Buildings) but thats not really what the Night Elves would be likely to make now, nor are they going to refrain from more of their Nature Magic grown structures for their common buildings going forward.

Eldre’thalas also is really kind of a waste at this point. I could see the Ogres setup there as a new home but I don’t think any Night Elf, Shen’dralar or otherwise, would really seek that place out as a new home. (Though definitely to recover some artifacts or something like that.)

That name has shifted over time.

Quel’dorei tends to refer to the High Elves now, not the Highborne despite literally meaning the same thing.

Most of the time in game the name highborne is used to represent the old highborne and Quel’dorei is used to refer to high elves. Sin’dorei of course for Blood Elves, Nightborne or Shal’dorei for Nightborne… yada yada.

Also why is Kaldorei never spelled Kal’dorei?


I don’t really agree with that, honestly - Night Elf buildings in Darnassus are (or… were…) just outdated. Night Elves never refrained from their imperial architecture. We have the ruins in Azshara for instance, they’re exactly the same as those in Darnassus. Or even Eldrethalas is very similar to Darnassus. Val’sharah, Azsuna…

It’s just asking for a HQ update, really. With Nature stuff on top. It’s perfectly reasonable imo.

No, no, no, no. I’d personally hunt every Ogre in game if that ever happens. I would sooner do like Sylvanas and raze the whole city to ruins (well… it’s in ruins now, but you get the point lol) than giving it to the Ogres.

Now seriously. I would prefer that Ogres have their own architecture, especially if they ever become playable in the future. It just wouldn’t feel right to play an Ogre in an Elf city. Just my opinion, ofc.

Indeed, and so is Highborne, which is why it’s not exclusive to the Nightborne.