Why the lack of Customization?

Well, as much as I’m not crazy about the jewelry for belves in general, if we could get any gem color other than green (blue, red, or purple especially) I’d be a tiny bit happier for my Horde mage.

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Pandas got so short-changed.


It’s based off of his shoulder pads.

It’s been around 30 years and I don’t think anyone would display that heritage with pride.


One of the nobles is interested in reclaiming the crown of Alterac.

And technically it wasn’t the entire Kingdom that betrayed the Alliance just its king. While most Alteraci dislike the Alliance now (and are mostly among the Syndicate now.) there are still some around who probably do still want to display their heritage.

Also just for fun rp reasons if nothing else. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though it is just a suggestion.


does a dance and sings

I just want onyx skin for LFD ~ :musical_note:


Absolutely. It’s a glorious tone for them.


Ah, yes, because Alliance doesn’t already have the worst version of that? 90% of the new LFD options are just jewelry colours, same with regular Draenei.

I mean… LFD may not be stellar, but at least the option is for both male and females and have a plethora of colors.

Blood Elves have what… two colors and gaudy weird jewelry and only for females.


That wasn’t the point. We all know that Blood Elves got some of the worst additions for customization. The point was that they’re not the only race that got such awful options. Alliance races were treated just as poorly and she was acting like this will be a new thing for us?

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Blood Elves got some of the worst additions while simultaneously losing all sense of visual uniqueness which makes the lack luster additions felt that much more.

All to give Void Elves a second visual theme and Blizzard can’t seem to match that same energy back to Blood Elves in any shape or form.


Nobody wanted Void Elves and Blood Elves to be homogenized so badly. As far as I could see we all wanted unique options for our High Elven aesthetic that BEs don’t have, and we wanted a second theme like San’layn or UR stuff for Belves.


Lol, notice how after they got pretty much exactly what they wanted they now claim to have wanted other stuff that we don’t have and on top of that then they also claim they wanted stuff our side made threads for years and years ago. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


They want unique options yet the core race they parallel didn’t receive unique options, nor did blood elves receive impactful options like a second visual theme.

Two passes, impactful options, and they retain their own visual uniqueness, (thats what some blood elf players asked for in the end was just retaining what visual uniqueness was left and tattoos) blood elves lost all sense of visual uniqueness in the entire thing.

I find some of the posts seeking to now begin the infringement on the Nightbornes Highborne theme a bit concerning too as I don’t want another Horde race to lose their visual uniqueness and for what? Empty words of “oh we support you getting stuff too”, if that were the case people would take a back seat gracefully until others caught up but it isn’t so here we are.


It seems to me people on that side tend to support Blood Elves getting options if they can be shared to Void Elves which sometimes really bothers me depending on what it is.

As for Nightborne no one wanted to play them and even made fun of them from Alliance side because of how bad they looked and how little customization they had but since they are being updated to look better in some ways vs Night Elves it’s like now they want our Highborne options for Night Elves and that comes on top of Night Elves already having the second most customization options of all races but somehow they still want more of our stuff.


There’s a sense of idk irony? In devs announcing a plethora of things for void elves to receive another pass and then going back and being like “we heard your feed back and we’re giving even more to VEs” resulting in the last of BE visual uniqueness being lost


The OP is literally very clear and pointed out the sentiment that many people continue to bring up.

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“Shut up and stop asking for stuff until I get what I want!” Nty.

You know this isn’t the case :joy: This disingenuous approach you take to all this anti-helf stuff is almost comical at times. You’ve personally seen how many things our community have suggested in the form of artwork, yt videos and forum threads that have nothing to do with BEs at all, not with their models, hair colours or anything else. We wanted them to be practically completely unique.


Blood Elves are High Elves and core Horde race maybe you should have asked for Half Elves

The only Void Elf thread that didn’t want copy/paste from Blood Elves for Void Elves is Fen’s actual void customization thread for Void Elves, as for wanting so called unique stuff I have seen throughout many threads that side wanting a unique model in a few posts and a few other things unique in a few posts but most people requested our hair colors, our skintones and now even request for stuff like eye colors, hairstyles and the awful jewelry so lets not play that I don’t know what’s been said because I do.

“our”… As if like to say once again, you claim ownership over anything within the game, including customization’s. :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

Funny thing, and one thing you Anti’s keep forgetting, you do not hold ownership of anything around Blizzard, including customization’s.

Your use of the Platform is licensed, not sold, to you, and you hereby acknowledge that no title or ownership with respect to the Platform or the Games is being transferred or assigned and this Agreement should not be construed as a sale of any rights.


It does sum it up to this with the way some people act. Then they wonder why people who were requesting for natural hair colours were answered by Blizzard.


Pretty sure Nightborne are the ones that are considered actual Highborne, that have those classy customizations and actually dip deep into the arcane aspect of stuff where Night Elves are more about druid and priest stuff, a hard fact to face Sara I know but let it go.