Why the lack of Customization?

I used to “wait and see” too and to “conform and move on”.

It got me meaningless jewerly, a botched explanation for two eye colors and hand-me-downs regarding beards for my male DH. So nope, this time around I´ll be loud to see if at least something I ask for is implemented.

Helfers taught all of us wrong. It is needed a HUGE amount of persistence to get listened to by this company.

It may not be unknown, but it isn´t a thematic you see in the first threads of GD either. Worgen females had to wait for literal years to get a semi-fix as far as I´ve heard.

So yes, random post once in a blue moon probably won´t get results. Nightborne are getting worked on right now, ergo this is the best time for the players to INSIST to get the issues corrected. Likewise, in a future core pass, the Nelf and Human and Worgen and etc. players will NEED to imporve in their “please listen to us Blizz, this is real” strat, no more and no less.

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Been asking for years dude, I’m not going to throw a fit or demand anything.

LFD still don’t have any expansion on their Lightforged theme and I don’t expect it to happen :woman_shrugging:

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We did for years. There’s a lot of discussion on mmo champion too, but blizzard ignored us as usual.

The miracle is that they are horde :rofl:

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Respectable stance.

I still don´t understand why it becomes an issue for you guys if the NB posters DO complain to get the issues with their models fixed.

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I knew draenei wouldn’t get eye colour options from the beggining , so I wasn’t surprised. I was surprised we got so little gems though. You’d think the jewelry crystal race would’ve gotten at least one per class.

Bruh it’s over a decade of this game that people have talked about it… They know the issues, the “refrigerator” draenei, the “clown” night elves etc…

As I said, they know the issues so well, lore NPCs don’t use their racial models because, surprise, the models suck and Blizz knows it.

This is Blizzard’s job, not ours to take responsibility for.

The showing is simple, they don’t care.

Talking about persistence, these guys are also good examples:


Was me, and still waiting that Bliz listen to me :anguished: :anguished: hope they do. Here is the post :grin:


One thing I’m still surprised is how the female draenei shoulder has been literally broken since WoD and they didn’t care to fix it in any customization pass, or when making the LFD. That’s just another level of laziness.

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I’ve never had an issue, but I have an issue with folks not understanding that they look bad because the Night Elf men look bad. That’s all. Essentially you fix the men and you’ll fix the Nightborne.

It’s similar to how it took years for Blizzard to fix the Blood Elf duck lips :duck: :kiss:

It’s why I’m confident that this current update was a first pass. The current system is convoluted and inconsistent as hell. I think the Draenei jewelry is something to look at as a prototype for the other races getting jewelry customizations.


Believe me, NB players are WELL aware. Why do you think they insist so much on getting it fixed?

Understanding why something happens does not inmediately means one has to roll over and concede defeat. That´s NOT how quality control works.

Draenei jewerly was a prototype regarding textures. Belf jewerly was a prototype regarding the “overcome the armor and stay visible always” (at least in regards to the armbands and the necklaces… reason why they are so ridiculously big and gaudy).

To be honest, i think we have enough nature/wild options already. I would like to see highborne options because we don’t have them yet. More nature options are welcome, but if we only get customizations for one night elf theme, i think we will get bored quickly xD


I mean, you seemed to be under the impression that I think the Nightborne can’t be critical of their faces or something. I would never be against someone getting something fixed, I just prefer to tackle the core issue since ARs are based off a parent race.

This is Blizzard we’re talking about here.

I still don’t know what happened to their body jewelry they designed. The files were right there after all and it’s a shame that they keep things unimplemented when we know about them.

We certainly are giving it our best shot! Might not be here for long but I figured I’d give it a go as long as I still have a subscription because I have for this long.


Eh, I’m sure this was a final thing. Until the response was players going to FFXIV lmao.

I still remember the day they announced no more customizations. Since then, half my twitter feed moved on to FFIXV almost immediately. And then the lawsuit made it about 80% of it.

This is pretty fair too. I think the Nelves could get the make up style used by the Nelf model of Aszhara (it is too small and subtle to be a tattoo tbqh). And if you want jewerly, go for it -but let me tell you, unless the color selection is huge… it WILL be a letdown. I speak by experience).


I’d love to see the npc transmog become obtainable to players sometime too :grin:


Simple, that body jewerly was never gonna become “visible” unless they upped the bulk. And then it was gonna look even quite ridiculous -heck, the datamined examples ARE ridiculous and plain disgusting. My toons aren´t a christmas tree, I rather don´t get low quality “jewerly” whose design makes it look as if the elves “hanged” the jewerly like one hangs bead decorations on a christmas tree, tyvm-.

That was one thing I was personally happy to see discarded.

Truly them sleeping on how much the community enjoyed customizations is a mistake. Just look at how blood thirsty folks are just for a taste?


Actually. As soon as that thing was datamined, artists started lewding it. R34 of belves with that spawned quickly, and people started making mogs where it looked like the belves were wearing sexy lingerie because it happened to look like a Garter belt.

After that, they removed it from the build lmao.

Meanwhile FFXIV puts new customizations in random world events. It’s no wonder even wowhead got into the FFXIV business now.

Torghast could have had universal customizations :weary: