Why the lack of Customization?

Woo! Support for San’layn/Dark Rangers for the Horde! Be it AR, Blood elf skins, or a forsaken toggle! Hope to see a good variety of options if they do get added!


I would just be satisfied if they gave all the races the 3 unique DK skins and let US make the dark rangers however we want to make them.

It clearly is. Who decides who “needs” more customisation? According to this forum nightborne and blood elves are the races who need the most, they are always asking for more (which is fine tbf) and complaining about what they got.

The situation of the Nightborne and Blood Elves are completely different and cannot be compared.

The Nightborne need more after the shoddy rush job Blizzard released them in, while the Blood Elves want more after their customization options became shared with an Alliance race, diminishing their uniqueness.


Did you ever think that maybe just maybe if Nightborne were what they were supposed to be to begin with people would have been satisfied with just getting some new customization options, same thing with Blood Elves if everything they had gotten wasn’t so small (mostly jewelry for only females) and the rest hadn’t been shared to Void Elves they might be happy as well. Try looking at it from a perspective that’s not just your own and bias because of that.


Hello everyone!

We hope that you’re enjoying the new customization options that are now available on the 9.1.5 PTR for Nightborne, Lightforged Draenei, and Void Elves. We’re loving all the screenshots of the new looks that have been shared so far and we appreciate all your feedback.

We want to add some more excitement to your day. Remember when we said that we’ve set our sights on Highmountain Tauren next? Well… those new customization options for Highmountain Tauren are currently targeted to be implemented in time for 9.1.5! Here’s a sneak peek at some of those options. :blush:

New Highmountain Tauren Customization Options


Don’t forget about the Void Elves, they need a flying mount too. A suitable Mag’har mount is gated behind a paywall at least and the rest should be available in the game through mount drops or vendors.

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Wow, the Highmountain Tauren look great. The bangs on the second female model are very cute.

Aw, thanks for expressing your hopes. I love that for you. But Nightborne players haven’t experienced much enjoyment yet, actually. At least not for the most part.

Link: Feedback: Nightborne Customization


Looks great, loving all the new details like carved horns and beaded hair.

Highmountain and the normal Tauren could use some more face options.

He’s a list of some ideas for future customizations for Allied Races.

Void Elf/High Elf Ideas


  • The Tendril Toggle should also add Tendrils for all haircuts in addition to removing them.
    This allows for more variety by more haircuts with or without tendrils.
  • Options to change the Affects on Tendrils. Like Glowing/Transparent/Corrupted.


  • Tattoos/Markings like Alleria in Void/Non Void Options.
    To allow players to have the “Alleria Fantasy” and shows they are followers of her.
  • Scars/Void Marks.
  • Entropic Embrace customizations. Like Changing/Disabling the effects.
  • Dark Void Skin/Hair/Eye options.

Void Elf Tattoo Concept by Keyboardturn.

Nightborne Ideas


  • Some Younger/Less Scowly Faces.
  • Face Shape Options.
  • Pastel hair colors. (Including Pink)


  • Glowing Hands/Feet/Hair like the NPCs.
  • Felborne Options.
  • Green and Dark Purple Eye Colors.


  • Arcan’dor themed Jewelry.

Lightforged Draenei Ideas


  • Dark/Obsidian Skin Tones.
  • More Eye Colors.

Highmountain Tauren


  • More Face Options.
  • Pure White and Pure Black Fur.
  • More Warpaint Colors.

Kul Tiran


  • Sailor Arm Tattoos and Back Tattoos.
  • Bigger Beards/Mustache. (Possibly Pirate Like)
  • More Face Options

Hope we can see some more stuff added in the future.


Truly thank you for this!

I can’t wait to see them!

I know that eagle mount I mentioned is probably not gonna happen soon or anything but it’s been a very consistent request I’ve seen for Highmountain and I hope you pass that along for us.

One day I’d like to take my Skyhorn Tauren through the skies on the back of his own eagle!

(also be nice for Frost Dwarves if those ever get released)

Again though thank you.


some new hairstyles for void elves if you would?
and blood elves need some unique stuff to select from also.



And here’s some ideas for Blood Elves since they are a little lacking.

Blood Elf Ideas

Racial identity options

  • Dark Ranger Options.
  • San’layn Options. (Posibly through a Quest like Nightwarrior.)
  • Felblood Elf Options.


  • Rune Tattoos like the Burning Crusade Box Art.
  • Scars/Burns and Damaged Ears.
  • Makeup and nail polish.

Jewelry Improvements

  • Allow males to use Jewelry.
  • More colors for Jewelry. Including Black/Rose Gold/Dark Silver/Bronze/Copper options.
    This would allow better mixing and matching with armor/outfits.
  • More Jewelry Types. Including Chokers, Metal Feathers and Eye/Nose/Lip Piercings.
  • Fix the bracelets so they aren’t pixilated.

Official Art of Blood Elves with Runic Tattoos.




Dark Ranger Skins unavailable to players.



Some other common suggestions for all Races is Scars not tied to faces, Jewelry for men, Unlock Jewelry for all genders, and some more diversity options added where appropriate.

Thanks for all your hard work!


Since you’re loving the screenshots, here’s some more!



Thank you guys for the work you’re putting into these customizations for the races! Excited to see what’s more to come in the future!


Thank you, Linxy.

You guys are the best! :slight_smile:


Looks great Linxy <3 keep up the good work! We’re very grateful! Sorry to be a bother but could you relay to the team that the Void elf ponytails need some fixing where the tentacles are toggled Off? And hairstyle 7 on females is uneven in length. Again sorry for the bother :relaxed:


This is awesome. I look forward to seeing customization for other races.


Hey Linxy! ^^ Could we please get the 5 high elf skin tones that are still locked for players? They are already in the game, and though they look similar to the blood elf skin tones, they are not the same! I’m sure void elf and blood elf players would love those options!


Absolutely beautiful, thank you for these additions to the game!

Speaking for myself, I’d like to see some hairstyles for Void Elves that are cleaner (and longer for men). The hair colors are an excellent addition of course, and the tentacle toggle helps some of the existing hairstyles become more viable for that High Elf immersion.

I can appreciate making new hairstyles would be resource intensive. I’d be content if we could get hairstyles High Elf NPCs use currently. It’d help a lot.

Thanks again for announcing the new Highmountain Tauren customizations! Glad to see more options for any race.


Amazing! Thank you! Keep up the great work with these customizations. I can’t wait to see what is next!


Speaking about that can we have the ‘‘Ship Shape’’ hairstyle from KT females on the Void elves? eheheheh…hides behind a bush