Why the lack of Customization?

theres a goblin npc in stormwind(si:7), ironforge(barber) and in boralus(married to a gnome)

im not typing high/blood elf to refer to the race as a whole. ill use one or the other. its as redundant as typing stormwind/defias humans

3 goblin NPCS =/= High Elf NPCs on Alliance.

You’ve got probably 100+ High Elf NPCs, or some double digit number way more than 3 npcs.

What a farce of this statement you made


You just have to use High Elf, but your pettiness knows no bounds. You’ve been at it for like 3 years trying to prevent players in a video game from gaining shared customization options.

That’s a lot of time and effort spent into not getting your way in the end, over a video game no less.


Can we please get Windswept hair for Zandalari trolls? I will pay for a race change immediately. The character just isn’t me without it.


Big yes sir. Thanks for your hard work with this topic, it is great :+1:


Also my thread for feedback on LFD :smiley:


Also posting again why I want darker skin tones for Lightforge Draenei.


Here is a VE I made on PTR with the spooky dark purple skin with the platinum blonde hair and it looks so good! The contrast looks great so imagine having something like that for LFD and all their bright gold colour tattoos, runes and eyes.


This patch is mainly about the Nightborne and Lightforged Draenei, yet none of the concerns for players of these races have been acknowledged. If you can remove tentacles from Void Elf hairstyles almost immediately after it was requested, you can give the Lightforged Draenei darker skin color options as the user above me requested.


Link: Feedback: Nightborne Customization

As far as the Nightborne go, a little acknowledgment that our feedback will be taken onboard would go a long way, even if not implemented immediately. Had the developers aligned themselves with player feedback offered on these very forums since the Nightborne’s release, players wouldn’t essentially be asking the developers to now undo and revisit the additions they’ve added for the Nightborne in 9.1.5 PTR.

For instance, why do so many of the male Nightborne have unappealing snarls on many of their faces, but the preview you posted of the new male Nightborne customization in this very thread are without it?


ill give you 2 in SW, 2 in boralus, and 2 that serve on a 7th legion airship. how many more is that then the goblins?

going to quote the lore and lead dev here

ion speaking for the team on why they passed on ‘high elves,’ basically they arent distinct from blood elves and are already playable but for context here are some of my favorite lines

There’s a couple… We just met Alleria again… But they’re not out there in the same way

There are no high elf hubs where they could come from

Modern high elves are a rare sight, and are commonly mistaken for blood elves.[12][13] In consequence, there are very few high elves left on Azeroth today. High elves did not gather in any significant numbers and are a very small group of individuals

theres nothing more behind a few easter eggs over 17 years of the game and they clearly dont consider dalaran part of the alliance. just because you as an individual interact with the kirin tor and dalaran doesnt make them part of the alliance. thats made quite clear from the devs and should be obvious from the story, dalaran joining the alliance was the story focus of a patch and them going back to neutrality was hard to miss in legion what with the horde players back in dalaran. i mean what do you think theres only a couple and that they dont even support the alliance in the same capacity as alleria and the void elves means?

wow is not lotr

but you can pretend now, and you did say you have a lotr itch you wanted to scratch not too long ago so enjoy your easter egg

also, blood elf farstrider tattoos and runic ones for magister types. ty


Many Dark Rangers were banshees freed by Sylvanas who reclaimed their bodies. Sylvanas was THE dark ranger and was also a banshee who repossessed her own body. Dark Rangers have banshee abilities as well such as wailing arrow (there were NPCs in BFA that used that and withering fire).

Oh no, how could I have forgotten LFD? DX Sorry about forgetting to add your thread.

Oh I see the fighting has continued as predicted. How sad. :frowning:


To be fare, there was already a ‘toggle’ for them, just not one players could access. All they did was add a menu button.


Minor color swaps like skin and hair colors are also simple things to implement. I’ll tell you what isn’t fair, is that certain requests are hastily acknowledged and then fast tracked for implementation whereas others are wholly ignored, as is the case for Nightborne and Lightforged Draenei players.


An honest wish of mine is if they could separate male Draenei horns from the hair styles. Just that alone opens up a ton more customization options. I have seen it done by modders before but I imagine there would need to be some work to hide any possible holes between the hairline and horns considering there is a hair style live in Retail right now with a hole in their head lol

Also I can’t stop thinking about Lightforge getting some of the Void Elf hair styles and the void toggle could be a tendril toggle lol. Right now core Draenei and Blood Elves share hair styles, so why not LFD and their spooky goth friends lol. The edgy hair on male Draenei would be funny but the edgy hair on female Draenei would look awesome???


I hope some of our other suggestions are also being considered for adding in 9.1.5 like the recent void elf hair colors. Here are some:

  • Younger nightborne faces especially for males without the scowls and wrinkles. The ones on the PTR look much worse than the ones in the preview images.
  • Onyx skin for lightforged draenei.
  • More void options for velfs to balance with the high elf stuff.
  • Tattoos, earrings, jewelry, and braids for blood elves so they look more unique compared to void elves who use the non-void skin and hair.
  • Black fur for worgen.
  • Tails and accessories for worgen.
  • Upright posture for male worgen, undead, trolls.
  • More faces for tauren and HMT.
  • Any options that are gender-locked please add to both genders when possible! Such as the male night elf tattoos and female belf jewelry.
  • Please release the other tints of heritage sets. Especially the nightborne and LFD tints, I really want the gold nightborne set for a rogue I want to level since her earrings and stuff will be the gold color.

I forgot about that.

I think Mag’har also have multiple colour tinted heritage sets too right?


Yes the Mag’har can wear theirs. I assume it’s because the tints represent the different clans.
I hope since they did it for them they will release the other race tints, it would be a shame for those to gather dust in the game files forever.

Oh!! I had no idea! At first I thought maybe they didn’t release the different tints because it might be considered unfair for the other races with heritage armours that only come in one colour but nevermind LOL!

Then again some races don’t even have heritage sets yet but I’d love that purple Lightforge set tbh.


Its weird to me that this isn’t well known but looking back I guess its not really brought up anywhere either…

I hope they add it for the hairstyles that didn’t have tentacles. :frowning:

I want it going both ways.


Any chance we could see the 3 unique DK skin tones unlocked for all the races?

Also, small elf ear option for humans only makes sense at this point.