Why the lack of Customization?

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Like going to a hospital and yelling at the cafeteria waitress




Why are you talking about “substantive changes that will actually affect gameplay” in a customization thread?


You don’t play alliance do you? In telogrus there’s the umbral rangers with their voidstalkers, they take part in alliance campaign.


Your whole visual theme is the light, enjoy.

I don’t get your logic. You want to look distinct from void elves but you ask for the exact same options as their leader Alleria windrunner… You are doomed to fail, that’s all i have to say. When void elves get tats that look like their leader and blood elves get the same thing but with different colors don’t say that i didn’t warned you. Alleria tats make sense for blood elves AND void elves, you want tats like Alleria? Fine. But don’t cry for uniqueness while you do this, because this features are not what will make you distinct from void elves.


Because “Customization” is what Blizzard is spending an awful lot of time on. Focus resources to the areas that will retain the playerbase, not things which have zero effect on gameplay.

Again, then what do you want the artists to be working on lol. You DO realize they are not the same team in charge of gameplay, right? It’s such a weird argument man.


You keep on answering and giving the H/V Elf fans what they have wanted. Meanwhile there has been absolutely NO COMMUNICATION at all to the worgen players.

Can we please get SOMETHING from you? It’s really disheartening. I mean, people on here and the worgen threads have been trying to get their voices heard for literally 10 years and the threads we have up have yet to receive any sort of acknowledgement or attention.

In fact… You all TOOK AWAY customization options from us. We no longer have the 8.2.5 eye glow. You guys instead added oversaturated and unfinished glows that look completely unflattering. These eyes right here are completely gone.



Been there, done that dude. I’ve asked for the runic scarification marks iconic to the Belf TBC gamebox and the scars since MoP in these forums. Guess what, the devs decided 3 models for armbands were more relatable to actual Belf cultural portrayal, pfffff.

And sorry but Fallyn will give her own declaration about how many years Horde players have been asking for a freaking eye color and a skin tome, but I’m absolutely dure this goes as far back as TBC itself if not longer.

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"I Want Blood Elves to be Unique by using the look that only exists in game on the Void Elf Leader, Alleria Widrunner" Is certainly a take.

Like don’t get me wrong, would love that farstrider aesthetic to make a return, but to make the argument of it… as an unique feature for Blood Elves is just really, really weird.


Except the visuals you listed in all your examples have barely any visual impact on the model at all, if you were to create a Void elf, give her the same face, same skin color, same hair color and stand them next to a Blood elf with the same options, they would look like the same person, but with a different hairstyle. This very reason is why Helfers are “content” with the new options, and why literally everyone is saying they can look 99% like a high elf, is because the different hairstyles are not impactful differences.

Your entire argument hinders on you needing to exaggerate the significance of extremely minor differences like hairstyle, eye color, and jewelry, which most of those examples only truly apply to the female portion of the playerbase, and even then they’re not compelling in any aspect.

Right, you really think the Helf camp would have been okay with these options if they could only appear 50% like a high elf? Your argument is extremely disgenious because you’re attempting to undermine an very valid concern players have with “jewelry” and it’s pretty absurd, considering how much value your thread put into “hair color” alone, and how you yourself in your own thread have conceded that you can pretty much look identical to a High elf. (which share identical models with blood elves)

No, you exaggerating minor visual differences that have very little impact on the overall visual appearance of the race, and have tried repeatedly to downplay the overwhelming amount of similarities. Tell anyone here that they can only look 50% like a High elf, and tell me how that goes.

The fact that you think Void elves look 50% different from Blood elves really paints the absurd nature of your argument.


It’s not just worgen either. Every fanbase other than HE and VE feels ignored right now, minus the small amount of attention NB and LFD got. And like I said earlier, this patch was supposed to be about them, and they’ve just been shoved to the side to make announcements about VE / HE over and over again, which is very frustrating considering they desperately needed it.


Oh I know. I get that, I do. It’s just worgen got completely shafted the most out of all the core races when the Shadowlands announcements and customizations hit.


This is… a very weird argument.

Like, are you saying that 8 hair colors really are overshadowing the whole revamp NB and LFD are getting, with all their hairstyles, jewelry, horns and colors?



Yep, supposedly studying the void to protect quel’thalas but then suddenly not.

It’s not that I don’t think that they shouldn’t have the options for it. I just don’t know how well it would look for a vulpera, worgen, or tauren to get like a human hairstyle. I personally think it would look weird on the model and I would rather just have more specific hairstyles for those races. But if people want more human looking hair on their taurens, worgens, vulpera, and pandas go for it :).

I’m saying the response time coupled with the amount of attention and just outright “yes, we’ll do it” the VE fanbase is getting after months upon months of feedback from every other race, not to mention megathreads getting told at Blizzcon we didn’t do enough, is very weird.

Follow what I’m about to say, fair? Read what I’m about to say and stick with it.

Initially, we had been told that the core races were to be focused on during SL beta and such and that we should provide feedback. We did. During such time we were also told that the AR’s would be getting minor touchups, but to not expect much. Separation of face and eye color for example. Fine. Then, void elves are made the exception, and grandfathered options in from their parent race without any warning, and are even given their own forum thread all about it, highlighting it.

Throughout the initial patch, the core races continued over and over to provide feedback. Megathreads were made. Then at Blizzcon, we’re told no more customization is coming, we got what we got, and that was it. And a comment had even been made at one point suggesting we did not provide enough feedback.

Now, an announcement is made about LFD and Nightborne getting attention. Which is good, they both desperately needed it. The VE / HE community went in, and immediately began asking for more stuff. And since then, all we’ve heard about is VE and HE, them getting even record response times repeatedly. Over and over. From the same CM. The LFD / NB, the people who desperately need the help, have gotten no where near enough the response, and further, the VE’s have essentially been made the thumbnails and advertisements for things like WoWhead links and such.

Do you see how this doesn’t sit well and why other players from other races aren’t happy now? There’s a clear level of favoritism going on.


Considering not much has been shown for NB, I can see why NB fans, whose model needs the most work, might be feeling put out to see the race that got a direct copy of the other factions model keeps getting announcements about hair colors.


Didn’t Sylvanas lead the Farstriders first after her mother. I mean if you want to throw around who was a part of the Farstriders I’d say the Blood Elves have much more claim than any void elf. Sylvanas was a general, Lor’themar, even Nathanos was taken under Sylvans wing as a Farstrider. Void elves have Alleria. Blood Elves have those I’ve mentioned and I don’t know, the fact that they are STILL in Eversong and their leader right now is a blood elf, Halduron Brightwing. Kind of makes sense unless they moved Farstrider enclave and retreats to that void place the void elves hang out.


Wasn’t the ripcord just pulled, a maw skip added, etc…?

Thank you! I wish I had a little bit more time to add some details and highlights to the examples but I wanted to get something out sooner than later for what I’m imagining.

I’m obsessed with the idea of having onyx skin and gold hair and gold runes and all that, it would look so good!!!

ESO has something like this.

I think it’s like, wood elves, high elves, britons, nords etc can all share hair styles. While Khajit and Argonians sometimes can but not all of them depending on the race really. I think Argonian’s are the most limited but on the flip side elves and britons and khajit can’t have Argonian horns for example.

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They do though, even the original Farstrider Models were generally depicted in green, and gold armored sets. Of course the amount of detail, and quality back in BC was not nearly up to par as it is now, but the overall themes are still present. Blood elves still have their original braided hairstyles, and even the new male hairstyle had a few braids in it as well, showing us that these “styles” never went out of fashion, Blizzard is just extremely lazy with updating. Just look at Lor’themar’s armor once he finally got his update.

We can clearly see them wearing the same Farstrider armor in Sylvanas’ warbringer’s cinematic, and this is after they officially withdrew from the Alliance. Feathered armor, braids, green and gold trimmed armor - and these events that occurred are not too far off from when we first start playing Blood elves. Realistically this is how we should have seen the Blood elf Farstriders when they originally appeared during TBC, and it’s clearly the appearance Blizzard has in mind for them.

Farstriders were around far before they started dabbling with the Alliance at all, so I don’t think they were influenced by them at all.

They never “lost” this aesthetic, it was just not easy to implement when they originally created them for the game. We see this among the Magisters as well, who’s appearances in official artwork, and novels differs greatly than what we see in-game, this does not mean they lost this aesthetic. They simply did not have the same means to create these visuals in game, as they do now.

Except the Void elves have their very own, unique, visual design - making them look like woodsy Farstriders would muddle this even further when the actual farstriders still exist on the Horde. Not to mention that it wouldn’t exactly reflect the void elves very accurately considering we saw them practically butchering the wildlife in Zuldazar by turning the animals and creatures there into voidcraft abominations.