Why the AV Change Was Made

I’m somewhat forgiving of changes made to AV and bgs specifically because we have xrealm bgs. Which are something we didnt have for the majority of Vanilla. So, changes are already there. If they need to tweak it to make it better, then I’m at least willing to entertain the idea.

Yep, cause if the allies can’t have an easy win they stomp their feet take their ball and go home.

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Ironic coming from the faction that spent the past month stomping their feet because they didn’t have an advantage.

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No it’s not. I should know because I created the thread and the topic is SPECIFIC to the changes made to the AV#s being removed.

If you want to discuss this, do what I did and hit that little button that says ‘+ New Topic’ at the top.

It does wonders.

Try it.

You’re missing the context of the conversation you were having.

Not sure if you mean me, but WSG is completely off topic here.

That was your conversation. He is on topic in the conversation you were having. This isn’t faction locked, players will seek out their advantage even at the expense of others.

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this wasn’t even the main issue. sure queue dodging made it worse but the problem was a setting letting matches start with 20 players.

Please, don’t talk about others not understanding the change when you don’t even understand it yourself.

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This also means if premades find a way around the numbers removal Blizzard will take additional steps to stop them. Queue dodge at your own risk come Tuesday.

The topic is SPECIFIC to changes to AV and that’s it.

This was in response to the statement about hurting your own faction. I gave you an example of Horde doing the same thing just a short time ago. If you do not see how that is relevant to the statement you made, then that’s a “you” problem.

Have yourself a nice day.

The problem is you think I’m a Horde player so this is why you think this is relevant. It’s not. It’s about starting AVs down 15-40. Period. What happens in WSG is another issue that needs ANOTHER fix and ANOTHER topic.

I think you really should take a step back and separate context of a post vs context of the conversation you two were having.

Horde included btw, which WAS NOT in vanilla, but didn’t prevent the horde crybabies form going WAAAWAAA I WANT TO QUEUE WITH MY FRIENDS

Yeah, it helps alliance a lot to be corpse camped 10 times instead of 4.

These changes are made to help the horde. Full stop.

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It still warrants a separate topic. I am being specific to AV. If he wants to start a topic in that context he is more than welcome to.

Look, I get that. But you were the person talking about hurting their own faction. He retorted with one about the Horde doing the same.

The context either needs to be players take advantage in general, or both premades and WSG premade exploit applies.

I disagree because they also include a change that stops AVs from starting with few people. If what you’re saying was true then this would be the only change needed. If a premade drops then it waits 2 mins for pugs to fill and then starts. That’s it. There’s no need to revert wpvp back to P2 to give ally puggers in AV relief and there’s no need to punish ally just because they’re the ones that under represented especially after we’ve been farmed constantly for months.

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How does it help the Alliance PUGs? It only hurts the premades that have a small or set player pool, it doesn’t effect the massive discords that queue with 200-300 people at a time which are the ones causing a majority of the problems. Sure, you might get screwed out of a game every once and a while because you got put into one that was already started, but a majority of the time those huge premades will all get into the same game and will move to a discord channel based on the AV number THAT WILL STILL BE VISIBLE INSIDE THE INSTANCE.

The real thing that we all know is that these changes will not really stop the pre-mades for the Alliance. The folks running the discords are already figuring out ways to adjust the system to accommodate to the upcoming changes.

All these changes did was make the pre-mades work differently. It does not stop them.

I will bet you that 2-3 days after the change, the pre-mades will be back in AV and we will all be right back here with the same issue.

The honor change should have been applied to AV only but I play on a PvE server. :man_shrugging: