Why the AV Change Was Made

I see so many people on both sides get this wrong. I see so many Horde players thinking that Blizz did this for them and they are gloating for that reason. I see Alliance PREMADERS crying and they seem to think that it was done to help the Horde or so they say.

The ONLY reason they did was not to help the Horde (even if benefits them from not running into as many premades) but to give RELIEF to CASUAL ALLIANCE PLAYERS who want to play AV and not start 25-30 players down every single match.

The other changes are irrelevant when it comes to AV and needs to be a completely separate argument.

The bottom line is that Alliance PUGers are the biggest beneficiary of the change to AV which is to eliminate AV#s.


ill agree with this the premade queue doggers are causing the imbalance in numbers 15 vs 40 the change will stop that.


I hope you’re correct but I have a feeling there will be a ton of unintended consequences.

However, I am choosing to remain cautiously optimistic.

Let’s suppose you are correct about this. Tell me, why was the honor decay nerf made? Does that also help Alliance PUGs?

ps. No point posting on an alt. We all know you main Horde.


All this is going to cause is people on alliance side to shift away from av.

It helps everyone.

Pvp in BGs was always inefficient due to only gaining honor from 4 kills to a single player, and really 2 of those kills gave so little honor that you didn’t want to pvp in AV. Giving more honor for more kills means you’re Incentivized to fight more frequently.

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All circumstantial.

Will premades die?
Will players from premades continue to do AV?
Will players from premades deal with disorganized pugs?
Will WSG become the new route?

All of those are dependent on this. If anything points to premade players ghosting AV for WSG, then puggers only have to look forward to the same misery in AV.

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Since I don’t play on a PvP server this only affects me in AV but I can see why people do not like this change for WPvP. For AV it is a great change as you say.

The change was not made only for AV. If that were the case, maybe you’d have a point. What this will do, is it will encourage more world camping. Considering that the predominance of pvp servers are Horde dominated, guess who benefits most?

But at least we can start with even numbers when the que dodging ends. I just want a fair fight and chance against Horde in AV.


I did not say that. You did. I simply saw no point in arguing over that.

You’re going to fight Horde on your Horde character? This isn’t retail.

I’m just trying to paint a possible scenario. I could be absolutely wrong.

However, if players that premade in the first place are going to look to continue to maximize Honor gains, if ANYTHING ELSE is better than AV, AV will remain the same for pugs because all of those coordinated, skilled (yes to some degree) and geared players will not be queuing for AV.


I agree with most of what you said, but I think it was done for both reasons: making av more friendly to the average player (as an entire group with no regard to faction).

I would be willing to bet they made it so honor gains in battlegrounds the same as in the world for simplicity sake.

Say someone is worth 200 honor to you, and they’re on your server. You kill them once in the open world and gain 200 honor. Your second kill is worth 150. If you kill that person once in a BG you gain 200, kill them again in the BG you gain 180.

If the systems are different then what happens when you kill someone 4 times in AV, and then kill them in the open world? Do you now get 0 honor? What if you kill them twice in the open world then see them in AV and kill them. Do you only get 25% (50 honor) from them? Or do you get 160 (the third BG amount you’d get) for the kill?

Making the in BG vs out of BG honor gains different would probably be a huge clusterf***, so they decided to keep it streamlined the way it always has been. This is about creating more pvp inside of AV imo.


If there is no workaround found, then yes. Most serious PVPers or certainly rankers on Alliance, will move away.

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Yep. Can’t wait to see horde complaining about how long their queues will be.

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I did not suggest that they should make honor gains different between world and AV. I simply stated, that since this was not done strictly for AV, it was done to benefit the Horde.

Good riddance. You people still don’t care that you harm your own faction. Pathetic.

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That’s a pretty pessimistic view. I’d prefer to think they’re making changes to the game, to try and benefit the quality of gameplay for the playerbase as a whole. We can agree to disagree. No worries.