Why Play Alliance

If this change goes through, there is literally no upside to playing alliance on a pvp server. You’re already hopelessly outnumbered, you get none of the world perks (shards in auchindown, owning hala, towers in hellfire, spires in xangar, etc.), you can’t use summoning stones, and questing and farming is difficult as hell. So why even play alliance any more?


Play the actual game. PvP is a mini side quest at most.


The true question here is, “why make a new thread when you could’ve just responded to the one you’re quoting?”


top tier current wow Dev design

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then again horde spammed endlessly for weeks for having to wait to play this mini-game

be cohesive


This is so dramatic.

People play factions for the most part based on LOOKS.

The factions are at 50/50 just about according to ironforge pro.

GET OFF THE FORUMS, and use your brain. Holy crap.


there’s no reason to especially now with blood elves on horde. lol


Stop trying to get them to have any sort of self reflection, smooth brain zug zugs only want TBC-skinned retail


To assume that is the entire Horde player base is silly

This will absolutely hurt alliance still playing on PVP servers. The change does way more than just lower horde queue times. It will start a snowball effect of more Alliance leaving PvP servers. At first it won’t be super noticeable compared to current gameplay (which is already incredibly horde dominated) In a few short months the Alliance economy on PvP servers will begin to suffer from an influx of people going horde. Once the snowball effect starts, it’s almost impossible to stop.

Think of the PvP servers which are dead to a single faction. Incendius, Stalagg, etc. Every PvP server has the potential to become like that if this change sticks.


But that’s the thing. Blizzard introduced this change to help Horde with access to what you call a mini-game, and by doing that they have shafted the faction balance, leading to Alliance being unable to farm in the open world, have access to a healthy auction house, find good arena, dungeon or raid partners and so on. By helping the horde with the “mini-game”, Blizzard has ruined the whole game for the Alliance.


Did you play Alliance solely for the chance of fast queue times? Is that literally what you did?

Queue times will still be fast for the Alliance.

You will not notice a change in your own personal gameplay from this change.


If your sole reason for playing alliance was because of fast bg ques, then I don’t know what to tell you. Stop being an idiot?

When horde have 60 minute+ bg ques, the games just busted and it shouldn’t be a thing to begin with.


He said he made an informed decision and opted out of the more powerful racials because he knew his queue times would be better as alliance due to faction imbalance. Now, if this change will go through permanently, both sides will have equal queue times, yet he is screwed out of the better racials. So he would like to switch. This is not rocket surgery.

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You’re on to something here that nobody wants to take personal initiative for.

All of this should have been the writing on the wall on phase 2 of classic. Everything becomes a kind of PvE server over time. It comes down to whether you want one faction or two. That was the best time to fix your situation; now is still not too late.

Your best choices for a long time have been “the dominant faction on a PvP server” or “any PvE server with a population.”

Try logging in into a Classic Vanilla server. See how it feels to play with 10 people online. That is exactly how playing alliance will feel in a few months, but on top of that, you will be permanently ganked.

I would absolutely notice my entire faction dying, and it would definitely influence my personal gameplay, but it won’t happen to me because I have already unsubbed from the game and uninstalled it. Get off you high-horse and enjoy playing retail-lite.

This change isn’t about queue times for Alliance. It is about the snowball effect which will occur if the changes stays. PvP server Alliance are already being beaten into submission. I play both factions on PvP servers. I can walk from one end of Hellfire to the other on Horde without a single issue. If I tried to walk from one side of Hellfire to the other on an Alliance toon, I would die 45 times. This effects ALL the world farming spots. ALL of the world PvP objectives. Once the balance is tilted too far in one direction its game over for Alliance on PvP servers.

Think of it this way. IF you need 30 primal fires for crafting, you say “I’ll just go farm some primals.” Well on Horde side you’ll have the added bonus protection of 30 other horde at Throne of Kil’Jaeden while you farm. If you go to farm 30 primal fire on Alliance, you’ll be mobbed 30v1 over and over until you’re forced to leave. Thus making farming in open world impossible. Eventually this WILL kill the Alliance economy on any PvP server. If you see outrage towards this decision, this is why.

Current pvp server faction balance is 39/61 and only going to get worse.

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as of right now it’s 46/54


Why should there be an upside to anything? Play what you want.

If your sole source of enjoyment from this game comes form being the “OP” faction, then you are going to have a bad time no matter what happens.