Why people play classic?

I have been playing wow for 13 years, since WoW beta. Now that on it’s own does not mean much, but it entitles me to an educated guess. The moment I lost interest in wow was when things started getting easier.

The purpose of a game is to challenge you and when you accomplish your goals to make you feel rewarded. When the game is too easy and items are easily accessible the accomplishment of said goals diminishes.

What makes classic great in my opinion is precisely what was removed from the game with it’s many expansions: the ability to be unique in a closed community, where few if any can do or have the things you do. That gave you a feeling of responsibility to your guild and to your server. If you left or did not show up for your raid, you are irreplaceable! This also allowed players who are not as good, look up to you as their leader, as someone they want to be!


15th anniversary…

13 years…

WoW beta…



I did not play last 2 years :slight_smile:


I don’t get where people have this notion that classic is harder. Maybe the leveling is harder, but raiding is far more difficult in BFA. Your character’s rotations are also more complex in BFA.


No rotation in BFA is ‘hard’.


They are much harder than classic, which was my point. Classic literally has 1 button rotations.


Started playing during Wrath. Wanted to know what Vanilla / Classic was like. Particularly how bad Druids were.

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gear is all that matters in a mmo, Harder game = harder to get items

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BFA has the highest difficulty ceiling. Mythic+ and mythic raids are far more difficult than any vanilla content…

Kinda made me lol as a shadow priest on retail.

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Lol tell me that again while watching terrible mythic raiders being awful at the ‘1 button’ ordeal. They don’t use their kit in classic because you literally spam 3 buttons. You literally don’t CC anything BFA, unlike classic, which in turn makes CC classes needed.


I’m saying like compare anything in naxx to mythic Azshara or something. The raiding has gotten consistently harder over time barring the first raids of each expansion.

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I like the slower pace. I like the variety in gear (yes, i like being able to gear “wrong”). I like the more chill atmosphere and rotations. I dont like waiting for procs and playing whack a mole when they show up. I like being a random murder hobo and not the savior of the multiverse who has coffee with the gods. Also, i like the talent trees. Modern talent trees are garbage.


This is so wrong…

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I prefer classic due to the world building, sense of atmosphere, and rich lore. I also appreciate the RPG elements and character progression.

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“Why do people play classic”


No Garrisons
No Mission boards
No Island Boards
No Artifact weapons
No Artifact necks
No Legendary rings
No Legendary BOEs
No RNG Legendaries that make or break my class
No Class homogenization (for “balance”)
No class destruction through pruning
Not an MMO E-Sport
A reason to talk to anyone
Meaningful leveling
Variation in leveling for alts
Intricate dungeon/raid design
Not streamlined to the point of disaster
All the rep grinds ARE DIFFERENT
No artificial gates on reputation
Meaningful rewards
Being in a guild feels good again
Your reputation matters

Hope for BC*

to name the big ones.

There are lots of things I DO like in retail but most of them are QoL things like all the tabs for my mounts, pets, tabards, transmog, etc.

Which is the only reason i log into retail anymore (collecting) which is sorely missing from Vanilla, but its 1 big con for Vanilla vs many big cons for retail.



Can’t tell if serious.

I think no one disagrees, but that’s only a portion of end game, what about everything before and in between that? Let be honest everything outside of mythic is nothing spectacular and feels trivial imho.

I think that’s why people say classic is harder, to be fair i prefer the words “more effort/rewarding”, while the raids are getting wrecked, the major it of the game is a challenge and takes time. 1-60 is no joke, professions take time and effort, attunements and raid prep, etc.


Classic isn’t harder. Its is more tedious and has a very, very low drop rate on almost everything.


I am serious. Go look at Mythic Azshara’s abilities.