Why people play classic?

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I always say classic has a higher difficulty floor and a lower difficulty ceiling. The leveling is harder in classic in many ways. The rotations aren’t as hard. The boss fights aren’t as hard, but more things can kill you in the world than in retail.

I definitely agree classic feels more rewarding. It has much better character progression.


To quote Grey Fox, “Hurt me more!”

More depth to the game as a whole. More things feel like they matter. The world and gameplay don’t feel disconnected

Examples of the latter; in modern WoW you have so many items that can only be used outdoors in X zone for…reasons. That or certain targets are immune to abilities because…more reasons. Or our characters just conveniently forget how to use abilities expansion after expansion for…even more reasons.Really takes one out of the world, in a sense.

Yes, I know many mobs(namely bosses) in classic are immune to lots of CC and whatnot, but the fact that I actually stun many dungeon bosses in Classic whereas I can’t with any boss in modern WoW is very enticing in itself.

I actually kind of like the state of “memespecs” in Classic because it provides a constant challenge to take on rather than playing a meta build that’s basically Classic/vanilla EZ mode.

That and I really like no horde pallies and no alliance shamans. Factions just feel more distinct that way. Oh, and the pre-chronicles lore is also better, imo. The idea that the light can be “corrupting” is a key part of modern WoW lore that I truly despise. I miss when it was a mysterious, yet benevolent force that was difficult to understand at times; it was truly a matter of faith beyond mortal minds rather than a sort of hard science that could be put under a microscope.


If I get a blue as a quest or dungeon reward, it’s awesome. Not only will it last me for quite a while but I can notice the difference in my performance.

In retail, its usually more vendor bait.

Uhh…I’m actually serious.

Nothing in vanilla even remotely compares to modern mythic raids. 4H and C’thun are the hardest fights in vanilla. Both are roughy on par with mid level mythic boss fights today at appropriate gear level.

The purpose of a game is to have fun. You do your kind of fun, and other people do their kind of fun. You are not right, and other people are not wrong.


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Go look at Uunat or Azshara dude. Also, remember KJ from Legion?

We’re talking about 700+ wipes from elite guilds…The only thing from vanilla remotely close to that is Cthun pre nerf, and there were plenty of other bs bosses from modern wow that were also practically impossible to beat without nerfs, such as KJ.

Im mostly talking about items. Harder to get items.If a warrior on the server has thunderfury every person on that server will know his name. Hard to say the same for retail

I remembered questing to be hard in vanilla, but so far my memory has failed me, just pull one mob, bonk it till it dies. The only ‘hard’ part is not getting mad when two of my spells are resisted and five melee swings in a row miss or are dodged. Do I hate vanilla? No, but my goodness did i forget how easy it all is if RNG isnt messing you over and your party knows how to pull mobs in a dungeon.

KJ was hard but man it was a boring stupid fight

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Thunderfury isnt hard to get, its an RNG crap shoot that goes to the main tank. For how much people hate retail RNG with gear it seems to be praised in vanilla.

ew your guild gave it to tanks over rogues and fury warriors?

Because in Classic, you play the game.
In Retail, the game plays it for you


More tank aggro means all dps get a raise, why would you waste it on a dps like that?

You cannot compare classic raids with say, Mythic Azshara. If they made Mythic version of Cthun, do you think it would be easier?

Ive fought normal quest mobs with more spells than a vanilla raid boss

If you think something is hard, that’s you. I knew people who said Mega Man was hard.