Why not give Casuals high lvl gear?

Which is why I think they should just let everyone on the rides regardless of how high your ilvl needs to be…at least just before Mythic.

Not too easy.

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I’d apply but I don’t think Blizzard would like my kind of feedback.

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No harm in applying, only 100 will make it in, and the more like us that do apply, the better chance at least one of us will make it.

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If you’re jealous of this topic then say so.

Coming in here with the same joke over and over kinda reeks of insanity.

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I haven’t heard or seen anything about the council lately. Did they announce who is on it? We need as many casuals and “normies” on it as possible.

(WoW is so extreme that even players who are considered hardcore in other games are still just “normies” in WoW because they don’t min-max character power for 12 hours a day.)

Sill open, might not hear much till 9.2 drops but until the applications close, I encourage all to apply if you even want a chance of having your voice heard.


Haha the only joke is how bad at a game you are after having played for well over a decade. But it’s ok dont be ashamed you got carried.

If you thought I cared that much about doing well in this game, would I be here looking to shake down the status quo?


Reese’s peanut butter then

I dont i know you just pay your sub to be carried and to whine on the forums.

Thanks I’ll go ahead and apply

Of which you have failed to provide any proof.

Can I have two?

I don’t know who got carried and who didn’t, but would never fault people for buying a raid carry for a time-exclusive mount award or title.

You can be a very skilled player (at PvP or any other content) by the way, and not raid.

There isn’t any irony. There is pve gear and pvp gear.

If I get pve gear then I should be able to use it in any form of game mode even pve and daily questing. I should be punished for playing the game because bad players want to feel good for having “world” gear.

Man I’d know the quickest way to kill WoW.

Put you in charge for a day.

They’d have to drag you out of the office as you frothed at the mouth.

There were boe weapons trinkets to fill in the rest.

What expansion did you get heroic level gear from world content?

There has to be a trade off. If you want to solo to group raid loot then you are going to have to spend a lot of time grinding.

Sure. I can share.

Still resorting to random insults because you are wrong on everything I see.

hell nah.

I want two whole cookies.