Why nerfing Raszageth at this point?

Last Boss still receiving nerfs, Is this a prove that Raid scene isn’t generating the numbers expected?

Devs should enable Mythic Flex 10-30 players once Hall of Fame is complete, so more players can engage Mythic content when its current, right now the number of Mythic Raszaget reported on Warcraft logs is 356 compared to 8754 Heroic kills, that means that only 4-5% of the groups killing this boss in heroic reach it on Mythic… Normal / Hero are Flex, allow Mythic Flex at some point of the season for the rest of the players with smaller or bigger groups.


To be fair, they have a tendency to nerf bosses as it gets later in the season rather frequently.

Though to your point, raiding numbers have been dropping for years lol.


Because shes TOO HARD. Shes so insanely overtuned its not fun.


It’s getting nerfed as it’s soon gonna be an outdated Raid.

Need some carrot on the stick to get late comers to finish the raid.


They should enable flex at some point so it doesn’t interfere with RWF but allow players that can handle heroic with cores of 13-15…etc players to engage Mythic encounters…

It’s probably a sign that Blizzard isn’t seeing as many end boss kills as they would like to see, yes.

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I don’t see them ever doing that.

Mythic is already 10 years old at some point they’ll have to review the raiding scene, I don’t think it could hold with the same model for more expansions, as you mentioned raiding numbers had been dropping for a while.

People are gonna be giga upset to find out their spec needs to be benched once deemed non-optimal for sub 20 man mythic (if that ever happens).

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The guys i raid with are pretty casual in that they allow some pretty gimpy players/specs to come along (me as affliction would be one of them lol), we get AOTC every tier and have for years now but this tier seems to be pretty rough, the leaders just decided to call it and reconvene when some nerfs happen. Maybe groups like ours no longer participating is why they’re nerfing it more?


By people you mean the a really low %, there’s already a huge gap between Heroic and Mythic kills, It’ll benefit more players that clear heroic but can’t even attempt Mythic.

Well, raiding is way down than usual thanks to M+ existing and there being a huge barrier to entry to Raid.

Most will just do LFR to see the boss fights then just do M+ for gear.

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How is that any different than every patch since Legion?

it’s to squeeze the last of the … heavy raiders … through.

sometimes you bring the river to the horse.

Making Mythic flexible would defeat the purpose of Mythic and make tuning the fights properly impossible.

They can’t even get normal/heroic flex tunings right a lot of the time.


What’s the purpose of Mythic? Because right now it’s limited to a really low % of raiders, Other games handle raids with the same size and only the difficulty changes, WoW has a flaw design that blocks the progress after Heroic, If all the raids were 20 man that’ll be a straight forward path but a lot of cores doesn’t have that amount of players.

Mythic should not be flex mode, its the prestige “I beat the hardest difficulty” and as such needs fixed group sizes to maximise difficulty… it should have the same stats as heroic and should only be a cosmetic upgrade.

The biggest issue with wow is the gap between the top and bottom. When that gap is purely cosmetic the game plays much better.

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I think it’s actually a really good thing that Normal and Heroic don’t need 20 people. You can play those modes with your friends, no matter how many you are (above a certain minimum).

But Blizzard definitely could not balance flex Mythic raiding.

I don’t think 20 is the optimal number of Mythic raiding either, but it’s the number this game has been designed around for years and I don’t see that changing. It’s no mistake though that many MMOs that came out after WoW have smaller raid sizes.

Hard content for the best loot.

Making it flexible wouldn’t change anything. People that can’t cut it in a Mythic guild still aren’t going to cut it. You’ll also open the door to guilds simply benching people once you got past X, X being the amount of people that makes the fight easiest.

Flex isn’t going to fix anything.

A better solution is allowing cross-realm raiding after a month since the RWF is well over by that point.

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20 is just right for mythic imo. any more than that and the fights get a lot harder. doing max raids on heroic is a nightmare.