Why more druid forms?

Then why do they so easily give hunters more things?

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Because hunters use animals from the wild, not demons from the nether.

Animals > demons.

Seriously, Gnome druids. Tiny kittehs in battle! :smirk_cat:
I would def play Alliance then!




I’m glad more customization at all is coming. Might not always be for me but at least I know it’s being looked at instead of “no more customization the rest of SL”.



Seriously I had a double take at your icon lol

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My warlocks really need an incubus :eyes:


Seriously I never use my Succubus just because it’s weird for me


The real question now is which of you is the good twin and which the evil? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Reveal yourself!

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Haha. Well Rosenivy is Lawful Evil so we’ll see

Petition to turn demonic tyrant into imp mother

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Or at least an option. If size is the issue they can just shrink the model. Pretty sure hunters can shrink their pets if they want. Necrolords can shrink their Abominations. Surely you could have a choice with demons

Demons abound in the wilds of the Broken Isles, and elsewhither besides.
Wherefore we cannot break and make one such serveth our will I know not, for I willn’t accept that Blizzard is so bereft ability and creativity they can not some means fashion therefore that smacketh not of Hunter’s own.

Because hunters are naturally hunting with a companion ? is it really hard to understand that?

And a Warlock doth naturally commandeth demons to theyr will serveth, of which there be more than our present repertoire affordeth.

This is your first mistake.

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Hush little baby, don’t you cry. Mama’s gonna sing you a lullaby…

Jk. Kinda.

Everyone needs more love.

Is it so complicated to give everyone more love?! No. But, this is blizz we’re talking about :woman_shrugging:t3:

So I fear.

Warlock doesn’t exists and will never exist. Players can’t play warlock NPCs, all NPC does is few voice lines and some abilities that doesn’t even matter. This is not World of NPC’s

druids get more form customization because we are in a form most of our time, which means we miss out on a lot of xmog benefits. a large portion of druids prefer their travel form over mounts.

gotta admit i am a little jelly over the soulshape things. very fun!

models are showing their age in a lot of places right now, not just demons. would be nice if they’d go over the important ones- demon summons, hunter pets… (i want a crocolisk but they look so dated :frowning: )