Why keep complaining about PVP?

Guys, I am with you but PVP is broken and is probably never going to be fixed. With all the subs lost, people fired, PVP is quite obviously their last concern. It is just about unplayable with the extreme balance issues and its not being fixed… What does that tell you?

No Devs respond, no blue posts, No fixes, etc… I wish it wasn’t so as well, I used to love WOW PVP but this is going nowhere now.


They planned it to be this way intentionally. It’s not a matter of an oversight.

They’re just firing the wrong people. The people who planned this fiasco need to be reassigned to some task they are capable of performing at.

This “we know devs in the past decided that [x] was bad for PvP and bad for the game, but we’re sure if we try way harder we can get it to work this time” strategy is dumb.


On the macro scale, it’s more profitable to milk people of $15 a month and the cost of a boost, faction change, or race change even if they quit the next month than to maintain their interest for $12 a month for 6 months (which requires math revolving around output numbers rather than income numbers)

Malice, not only incompetence, is behind the modern state of wow pvp. Short term profits are being prioritized over long-term engagement. They also feel they can hide behind the e-sport allegory by drawing out fixes for so long that imbalances take on seasonal affects. To midwit developers, “Season of the Ret Paladin” is kind of like that time Fortnite opened a Goastse portal in the sky or whatever. A memorable event.


I think there was also the intention of rewarding people who were playing the game right, and making sure people who were playing the game wrong didn’t get rewards they didn’t deserve.


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If we were talking about Blizzard of 15 years ago, yes, but no that’s not what’s going on here.
They’ve switched from min/maxing the player experience to min/maxing how much they have to uphold the player experience before it causes noticeable profit losses that aren’t compensated by other sectors of the company.

You’re talking about game design strategies, which used to be what this was about, but it’s more of an asset management strategy now. It’s industry midwits (thank Activision-Blizzard for their low wages for this one) doing their best to adhere to a concept of least expended resources for most profits.


It’s because PvP is still good when it’s good OP, it’s just really bad when it’s bad.

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I’m honestly of the opinion that they’re trying to speed the game up to give WoW PVP more of an e-sports appeal in hopes it will catch the same fire a lot of other games have. Sort of like if professional billiards ever gets televised it’s never 8 ball, but 9 ball because it plays faster.

I have nothing to back this, of course, but that would be my best guess. The only mystery I see is them not tuning every class to being able to accomplish Ret levels of burst, but I guess that would make the game wholly unplayable, so a few classes won the lottery and the rest didn’t. I suspect things will continue as they always have, next season there will probably be a couple classes buffed and a couple nerfed to switch up the meta some–with 1 or 2 classes remaining kings for the expansion.


Wait there’s a right and wrong way to play WoW??? :woman_facepalming: :woman_shrugging: :roll_eyes:


The problem is, MLG was absolutely right to kick wow arena out. It’s not very engaging for viewers except other people that participate in it.

They’re going about it the wrong way. If Warcraft wants to stand out as an e-sport, RBGs need to be the format (easier for people to follow without playing the game themselves), but it also needs a solo queue system. This would not be taken well by a sizable majority of the pvp community, however, due to sunk cost fallacies.

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Im fine with solo queue as it’s own rating, I’d do it occasionally instead of random BGs.

I think you are mistaken. I think that the elite players who are benefitting from the current PvP structure are a small minority. But they object loudly because they don’t want to lose their privileged position.

“The right way to play the game” is a constantly moving target. Yet we regularly hear that people who are still playing in some way that has always been part of the game right from the beginning have always been playing the game wrong.

At the moment, if you’re not a raid logger or doing paid carries, you’re playing the game wrong.

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But instead what they have done is pumped up cooldowns and deemphasized sustained damage so it has turned into a game of cooldown trading and stalling while in between cooldowns.


People wanted PvP vendors and they put them back in the game. Why do you think PvP is broken?

It’s fun complaining about the game

It’s like blowing off steam


Didn’t you say you were unsubbing?

Reason I ask is I’ve seen you in a few games recently, including that AV where you were arguing with the puggies for most of the match :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You held your ground though, good job on putting those pugs in their place.

there is a simple fix to PvP right now …

change to damage to HP ratio !

ATM we are seeing high damage with low HP !
this is their attempt to make the game quicker ( quicker because you die in 2 hits) without changing the world’s physics …

PvP is unbalanced always has been always will be , Some classes / spec’s are broken in PvP always has been always will be !

The issue is damage to HP ratio !


I have said this elsewhere, and it seems to line up with some of the changes they have made to redesign the core game.

Ability pruning
Level/number squash
Simplified combat
Spectator UI improvements

These make it easier for spectators to view and understand matches on stream.

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There is, and 98% do it wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if you had a solo queue option,
you’d be here complaining about getting grouped with 9 idiots all the time.

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Imagine watching something like the AWC or any of the other pushed esport-esque WoW content and actually going out and buying the game. Then you get to 60 and want to participate in Arena or Mythic + dungeons after watching.

Talk about soul-crushing disappointment.