Why isn't PvP Scaled?

This is a legitimate question. After playing BG blitz on a bunch of different characters, it’s nice being able to just buy some vers gear, and hop in while being the same ilvl as everyone else. It’s allowing me to play more classes without having to worry about getting stomped because I have no gear. My friends are saying the same thing; it’s waay more accessible this way, so why isn’t this just a permanent feature?


Some players don’t do so well on a level playing field.

They need a power gap.


um no. it would allow the lazy complacent players to compete without actually playing the game.
entitled players deserve to get gy farmed while they blame it on premades.


I didn’t want to say the quiet part out loud, but yeah, I agree


See, this is where I disagree

It’s a game

There’s nothing about entertainment and my time NOT at work, that makes me want to participate in a weekly set of chores to accumulate combat advantages.

I like to multi-class. I just want to hop on and play. I don’t need the extra-dopamine boost from getting a purple item - I get that boost from every KB and match played :dracthyr_nod:


No, it’s not about laziness at all. It’s about taking a gear gap out of the equation so now all that matters is skill. People who perform badly will still get farmed




You guys always got to throw in the defense of your exploits don’t you haha

If you need a power gap to beat “lazy complacent” players…

Might as well admit they outskill you.



then quit. this game has always been a grind. it weeds out the riffraff who expect free things.


Hey, you know that person that says you are part of a sync community? they kicked me out of the discord because I said not to give life altering drugs to kids XD

says the guy that needs a whole raid to win against randoms… get real bud


Do they still believe that?

That must have been an odd conversation topic.

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Idk lol all the proof I ever say was an old video with you simply in a bg.

we were talking about gun rights and some other topics were brought up and me having a different opinion was a big no no XD

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i dont think i’ve ever seen a full raid sync into an epic bg.
38 one time but not 40.

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should be a group of 5 at most… why you need 38 try hards to win a random bg lol maybe you should play something else sense wow seems a little to hard for you.


I think you’re missing the point. Skill development isn’t ‘free.’ You have to keep playing to get better, people who are bad will remain bad until their skill increases. A premade will most likely beat a group full of randoms regardless of whether or not their gear is on the same playing field. PvP should only be about two teams testing their skill against each other.

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Many of these premade raiders flee from anything involving skill and a level playing field.


i like the deflection from “free gear with scaling for lazy players” directly into premade handwringing.

No u :<