WHY is there no VOTE KICK option?


In a dungeon you can kick somebody if they ruin the game for you. Ya know… they arent doing any dmg? kick! pulling extra mobs? kick! not helping team? kick!

but in BG we are screwed with cancer.

just did a BG and had 2 tank guys in there doing literally nothing. they were spamming chat with poop and sex jokes. why cant we kick them? if we report them afk they just go tag an enemy and then go back to doing nothing.

Please let us kick players for messing up the fun. You let us kick players in dungeons… why any diff in pvp?

How is it any different just because we were fighting other players instead of npcs? wut???

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Because how do you decide if someone should be kicked in a BG?

In a dungeon, there is a pretty linear path on how to get through it. If someone is running off pulling stuff, not tanking well, not healing well, sucking hard at DPS, those are pretty clear reasons you might consider.

How do you decide any of that in a BG though? PvP is a different skill set and there are different objectives in each one IN ADDITION to fighting each other.

I could see that getting HORRIBLY abused if implemented.


In PvE, you can still successfully complete a LFR with teammates who are undergeared or are on bad specs. As long as the raid isn’t wiping multiple times or someone isn’t completely AFK, the vote kick option is rarely used.

In PvP, players would vote kick undergeared teammates or those on bad PvP specs to increase their odds of victory.


or they would vote kick those that go galv, or docks, or split from group and feed in wg… I can live with vote kick for that


BGs take 15 minutes and dungeons don’t. You said these specific guys weren’t helping at all, but what happens when some annoying dude is doing great, but is just a jerk. This will just lead to good but toxic players getting kicked, when you could just /ignore them. IF this were to be implemented I’d hope they require at least 5 votes so that it wasn’t abused.

TL;DR if you can’t use ignore and don’t want to /afk out, bgs aren’t for you.


If they had a vote to kick system it would be abused

You can already kick people in bgs just report them afk I think after 5 they get kicked instantly


Same reason as a dungeon. Any reason you want and if the majority agree.


I’m afraid if that were the case you’d never finish a bg lol.

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The reasons to kick someone from a dungeon are NOT the same reasons you would consider kicking someone from a BG.

Some one could get a royal bug up their keister because they are fighting rather than running a flag or protecting, but fighting instead of that other thing is NOT a reason to kick them. Fighting the enemy IS part of a BG, whether someone else THINKS you should be focused on an objective or not.

Kick in BGs would get abused BADLY.


Yes they are. Blue said you can vote/kick for any reason you want. I can initiate a vote/kick because I don’t like your transmog, name or for not going left when I wanted you to and if the majority agree and vote “yes”, they consider it legit.

Now, that doesn’t mean it was an intelligent vote just “within the rules.”


You think LFD and LFR vote kicks aren’t abused?

I’ve literally watched someone get kicked and the reason given was “Hi”

Sometimes people aren’t afk in a BG, but they’re also not contributing. Just because you’re dpsing someone often enough to not get kicked, does not mean you’re not being a burden, or dead weight

Vote kick in BGs would be nice. Would also let you kick those people that just spam chat about how bad so and so is, or how everyone is stupid cuz we’re not winning, etc…

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Problem is though, in a dungeon you have a fairly linear path, and pretty clearly defined roles.

A tank, a healer, 3 people doing damage and a path from start to finish.

That path isn’t as clear in a BG. It literally changes in seconds and is being influenced by other players.

How can you say someone is not “doing their job” in a BG? The roles aren’t as clearly defined, and neither is the path.

I get that you want to kick AFK people, but it gets a little muddled beyond that point.


The same can be said for dungeons, which is why it’s up to the team to decide. A dps may be dpsing, but they may also not be following mechanics. Just like a dps may be dpsing in a BG, but not following objectives

Each case is individual and unique. There can’t be a cookie cutter of “You’re not doing X, so you’re kicked.” It needs to be up to the team to decide.

Especially if the person is just plain toxic. We’ve all run across them. That person that brings down morale by shouting how bad or stupid everyone is. Talking total crap, and just making the whole BG experience terrible.

That person may be dpsing, or even following objectives, but the team should still be able to remove them if they’re being a problem, and ruining the fun

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No, it can’t, and I already explained why dungeons are not the same is BGs in terms of roles and “what people should be doing.”

You’re just being thick about it now.


Yes it can

Dungeon goal: Kill trash, kill bosses = win

BG goal: cap flag/bases = win

How you achieve these goals is up to your team, and if you have people dragging you down, and refusing to follow objectives, they should be removed.

Just like if you have a dps refusing to follow the strategy your team agrees upon for a boss.

Don’t understand how this is so difficult to grasp…


if 5 people report them they will get kicked out and cant just troll with combat


You can kick people out, the option does exist its just more subtle and secret, if lots of people report you away you will get kicked outright from the battleground and there is no combat to remove cow debuff ability.

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I love this thread, we should totally get a bg vote kick option, get rid of all the low ilvl scrubs on my team


That’s your choice. Just like a dungeon vote/kick, you can do it for ANY REASON you want and as long as the majority agree, it’s “legit.”


Because we’d vote kick you.