WHY is there no VOTE KICK option?


In a dungeon it’s pretty easy to understand why someone initiates a kick, and therefore easy to decide whether to vote yes or no. In a BG? Come on…I’m supposed to know what someone on the other side of the map is doing? The decision to click yes or no would be meaningless.

And if it’s a gear issue, don’t hate the player hate the game.


Part of what makes Random BG’s special is you don’t have the perfect team with the perfect number of players, with the perfect skills, with the perfect specs. You have really good players and really bad players, experienced and “the lost,” along with the geared and undergeared. This randomness is built into the match-Random Battleground.

For the most part (I know Alliance won’t agree) the enemy team has the same chance to have all the good and bad your team has. It’s then up to each team to overcome and win despite the obstacles such as two tanks telling poop jokes.

Probably the biggest reason Blizzard doesn’t allow Vote Kick is everyone is not allowed to Win in PVP but they are allowed to Play and learn.

(Dosao) #23

All the low ilevel players will get insta kicked .


I feel your frustrating but this would be horribly abused.
Literally 5 man premades would cue up just to spam kick people and laugh.
I dont know what if any solution there would be.


You can get 400 ilvl a few hours after hitting 120. There’s honestly no reason to be sub 370 in BGs anymore


Sometimes. People initiate vote/kicks for dumb reasons all the time. This would honestly be no different. Vote/kicks are similar to when people post pictures on these forums. How often are they really ever value-added?

(Leadbelly) #27


Kinda on the fence. Would be great to get rid of people like this who admit to being afk and doing nothing.

(Danvash) #28

Do you really want to be spammed with kick requests in a battleground? Random grouped LFG content is already cancer partially because people always want to kick everyone for trivial reasons like saying a bad word in chat. Or they’ll die and keep trying to kick the healer until it goes through.