Why Is The Average Casual So Complacent Or Even Happy About The 30 Instance Cap

Right… and your answer was:


So the reason so many people are okay with this change is because it doesn’t affect very many people and they don’t notice.

And my question is:

but why are you asking me a question when i wasn’t speaking to you and all i was doing was answering his i never said it was ok those are your words its like a stupid reporter digging for a scoop by trying to make someone say something they didn’t by using questions framed in a way

No… they’re YOUR words.

Remember, the question was: “Why Is The Average Casual So Complacent Or Even Happy About The 30 Instance Cap”
Body text of the OP was:

He later asks:

Your response. YOUR WORDS, NOT MINE:

So your response as to why so many are okay with it is that they won’t notice and it doesn’t affect many people.

So again… the reason it’s okay is because it doesn’t affect many people.

i never once mentioned the word ok in my answer to him i just stated most the player base wont hit this cap

It was in the bloody question you were answering.

“Why are people okay with this?”
“It doesn’t affect many people.”
“So they’re okay with it because it doesn’t affect many people?”
“I never said ‘ok.’”

but i wasnt telling him its ok i was only telling him why they dont care

… is there a difference between “okay with it” and “don’t care?” Honestly?

you can ignore something that doesn’t impact you without being ok with it not everyone crusades for injustice are you ok with all the wars and poverty in the world?


Are you trolling?

do you ever volunteer to help the homeless or travel abroad to help the red cross or some other group in disaster areas or are you ok with people dying?

So your response to a question about why people are OKAY WITH IT is that people aren’t crusading against it? So you weren’t even answering the question?

The question, again, was why are a large portion of players okay with it? Your response was that most people don’t run that many dungeons and they won’t notice the change.

Nothing in the question or your answer had anything to do with whether or not they were actively opposing the change.

my response was to that you seem to be unable to see the difference

So you do think there is a difference between “okay with it” and “don’t care about it.”

Explain the difference, please.

you can not care without being ok with something inaction does not mean you condone something there are many reasons people wont try and change something they are not ok with especially in a situation they have no real control over
I don’t care can also mean, I do not have an interest or investment in the question

Inaction is a totally separate issue to that of apathy. You can care about something and still not take action. So the issue is you don’t know the meaning of the words you’re using. Got it. :+1:

To be “okay with something” is to find it agreeable; to approve of it. So the question was “why do so many people approve of this change” and your answer is… they don’t care?

You’re not even answering the question at that point.

did you even read the edit before you posted that i added that end over minute before you posted and yeah i already stated above that i didnt really answer his question i just pointed out most of us just dont care

Yep. Didn’t really change what I was responding to. Nothing you said changed your answer.

thats cool still think someone hurt you bad somewhere with this change and you can never longer function in wow somehow

Oh, so you’re just trolling. 'kay. Ignored.

i love it when people let you know they ignore you makes my day only kids