Why Is The Average Casual So Complacent Or Even Happy About The 30 Instance Cap

You could always learn how to cook a French Omelette.

Made some coffee, hash browns, bacon, eggs, waffles this morning…still locked out.

Aren’t we supposed to call them Freedom Omelettes now?

Because everyone in the world DOES NOT have the same thoughts, ideas and opinions that YOU have.

Also it is not just “casuals”. It is anyone who (like Blizzard) judges the rule for its effect on THE WHOLE GAME…

…not for its effect on “the way Wawowewa wants to play”.


Correction – you did 30 runs, not “some runs…and a couple”. The game counted.

I don’t think that’s stupid. What you “want to do” is exactly what is now forbidden by Blizzard.


Yeah and their reasoning is to limit bots effects on the game economy. I’m not a bot, so why is this arbitrary limit applied to legitimate players.

I don’t think you realize how little 30 runs actually is. An arena run or BoED run takes like 4-5 minutes. That some last night and a few this morning is equal to ~1 1/2 hours of gameplay last night and 30 minutes this morning. And now I can’t do what I want in the game for 12 hours.

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You’re right. Druids can’t solo dm east like 5 other classes can in the same exact manor. Only mages can grind gold didn’t you know?

They’ve never desribed the evidence collection process, for all we know it could take them less than an hour to collect evidence. Actually, that’s quite likely, seeing as they bn thousands of accounts daily.

And I see less bots, and I haven’t seen one single bot that I saw near the beginning of Classic. Annecdotes and confirmation bias…

What they said is more nuanced than that, but of course people continue to misrepresent it.

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I’ve seen more bots out in the world since this change than in the previous 9 months combined playing classic. All you have to do is go to the SM entrance late at night and you’ll seed dozens of multiboxer bots running into the instance. Go to winterspring late at night and find them basically everywhere. Go to where the turtles are in the hinterlands and you’ll find 3-5 bots farming em for golden pearls. They are everywhere so I’m not sure where you’re looking.

If you are a legitimate player, then you are playing within the rules, including the 30 instance cap and not using botting software.

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The limit was put in place because of bots. It affects legitimate players hitting the cap. As an affected player I would like this change reverted or at least changed in a way that it doesn’t affect me. Like removing the cap for authenticated accounts or something…I’m not a bot, why should this rule apply to me. Why do you think this thread is still alive.

Actually what makes my day, is seeing people like you freaking out over something that isn’t going to change back. It is like watching Larry, Moe and Curly smashing their heads into a brick wall. Very entertaining. Keep up the good work.

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We can’t go past 30 on the one character anyway even if we tried. That’s what a cap means. Hitting 30 on one character is within the rules. And doing another 30 on another character is also within the rules. We can do way more than 30 resets in 24 hours on multiple characters and still be within these rules - and this is not botting behaviour.

If you are playing within the rules, the same rules that apply to everyone, then what is the issue? Blizzard makes the rules, so by the only definition that really counts (Blizzard’s) you are fine. Rules change all of the time and Blizzard can’t really impact “legitimate” players since they are the ones that decide what is and isn’t legitimate play.

If you don’t like the cap, that is fine, but claiming that they are punishing legimate play makes no sense. All play is limited in some way by existing rules and is further limited/constrained whenever there is a rule change.

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How are you seeing all of these bots in the open world if all you are doing and have been doing is instance runs? :thinking:


In the previous 9 months he didn’t have a 30/day instance limit.

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And that is making people like that play more in the open world? Sounds like a win/win scenario to me :wink:

basically what I was getting at. win/win is arguable though.

Because I have 12 hours inbetween doing instances to be out in the world…

And before the change I still did a lot of stuff not in instances. I’ve leveled 4 toons to 60 out in the world. Not until recently (wow token added to chinese servers) had I even seen a bot in the wild. With the instance cap change there have been a significant increase of bots around because they’re re-leveling their bots. They’re banning 2-4k bots a day, you can see them everywhere.

a big part of the player base wont even notice this “broken feature” i bet more than 90% of the player base wont do 30 instances in a day even once a month

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