Why Is The Average Casual So Complacent Or Even Happy About The 30 Instance Cap

Again, you can’t farm instances if your leveling has slowed to the point that you get banned before becoming profitable. How is a banned account farming more instances than before? So what if I they create four times as many characters? $0 profit times four characters is still $0 profit.

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We’re complacent because it doesn’t affect the average player at all. It only affects the super powergamers.

That’s simply not happening, though. Blizzard doesn’t detect and ban bots in less than a day. It takes them weeks, if not months.

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Some reasons:

  • Too much gold in the economy. This comes from both gold sellers and folks exploiting dungeon mechanics
  • Boosts take levelers out of the world. Classic was supposed to be a “community” game where grouping up and being social was a thing. Elite quests and dungeons fit that to a T. If you have people being boosted, they’re essentially going AFK for a few minutes while someone clears a dungeon. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s actually cheating, if you think about it
  • Druids and their MCP. I love hearing druids cry over the MCP. Seriously… find something else to do with your time!

If toons can’t be boosted, they can’t level fast. If an account is banned for botting, someone will have to start a new one and level the toon. This takes a fair amount of time, as it should for EVERYONE PLAYING (it’s classic… remember?) It’s a deterrent to keep bots from coming back.

Want fast leveling and “better balance?” Retail :arrow_right:


Do you have any data to support this? Because all of Blizzard’s post seem to suggest otherwise. That’s a completely false narrative, they ban bots daily.

You think all these bot accounts that are banned daily are months old? Not a chance.


I already have a 60. I earned the gold and resources to be able to boost.

Because some players are salty that they didn’t make a farming class and can’t efficiently farm gold. Players want to whine about mages making so much, make a mage and join the fun. But instead they are lazy and would rather see the fun driven out for other players to appease themselves. Most likely the ones that cried for ICC to get nerfed or other content because it was just too hard for them. Garbage player base with no skill.

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Did you really just compare the instance cap to massacring minorities?


I mean yea, what?

Hit the report button, there’s no reason for those types of posts to exist on this forum.

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Plenty of other MMOs over the years have limited your instance joining/farming. Instances are in many cases a good way to grind gear while leveling. Blizzard stopping people from running too many instances while different from the original design is very aligned with other MMOs. I see no issue with this and people who this does impact need to just adjust their game-play around it.

Just because it did not affect you does not mean it is just a small group. And just because not everyone is a mage doesn’t mean it didn’t affect a lot of people. Everyone out there is buying xp boosts in order to level alts at a faster speed. Most people that did the 60 grind and don’t want to have to spend 5-8 days played again prefer paying the gold or getting ran by friends or guildies. This limits that so much.

LOL yeah you show me a program that can bot ZF, Mara, and ZG one pulls. You people are ridiculous. Enough with the bot card. What dungeon are bots in? Please tell me.

/shrug I always stuck by the claim that this change was to address generally abusive over use of dungeon resets. But hey blizzard says it’s to stop bots, so if you’re bumping up against this limit you are behaving like a bot.

And you seem far more familiar with what bots can and cannot do than I am, :thinking:

Our choice is believe blizzard is lying or believe blizzard is telling the truth. Because they specifically said it is just a small group. Until I see some evidence or at least a convincing logical argument that they’re lying I’ll continue to believe the change only affects a “handful of players.”

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My apologies.

Fringe Handful

You just got the dagger drop changed by decimal points, MCP in no way needs more than 210 runs for 70 maces a week, and the other 2 are one off items. The vast majority are not doing over 30 arena/anger runs a day.

Stop pretending these are anything other than your desire to have the dam on your gold river removed.

So those who enjoy the other classes should be required to have a pocket mage in order to be on a level playing field in server economies?

He did indeed, and then invoked brown shirts. How his account still exists eludes me.

People I don’t even know, stop what your doing and rally to my interests!!