Why is TBC free?

So hear me out. Why are they making TBC Classic (an expansion to World of Warcraft) free? Why not charge money for it? They could sell standard issue copies of TBC and then sell collector edition copies for $120.

No physical copies, mind you. Only digital. Because who even buys physical anymore lol

But yeah please charge for TBC blizzard, makes no sense that it is free if you have a subscription.

They can use this money to better the game, and the devs could as well. I don’t want to see lay offs :confused:


Because all they care about is $$.

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So they should charge for the expansion.

They want people to play it, and they want people to be able to play it without ever having played WoW. Requiring a fee (outside of a sub) to access it would go directly against that and turn people away. Especially when private servers already exist.

It’s also old.


lol people taking this bait


You think they would; but they won’t.


I disagree. Having to pay for the expansion along with a sub would actually help keep the game going for possibly a next expansion. Also think of funds, with that extra money they could better the game in general.

They would actually. Where else would the money go?

Bobby’s new yacht.


Because I already bought it. I even have the disc in some box with all my other old discs that I never got around to going through and throwing away. I probably have a disc of Wrath too.


Weirdly, the game did just fine from Classic -> Classic TBC without any additional required purchase.


I disagree. The game didn’t do so well. If it did so well then why are they making TBC Classic? It’s because classic didn’t do so well or they wouldn’t try to make something else.

I really do hope you’re a troll. It pains me to see someone so… well, witless.


It removes a huge barrier to entry by only charging the sub. They have the numbers, this is more profitable.

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I disagree. They should charge $60 just to play TBC. It would be more profitable since as of right now they aren’t making any money

I don’t see how anything I said is trollish or witless. Please refrain from petty insults, there’s no need to try and put me down for asking questions which can save WoW’s future and see a possible next expansion rather than die because they have 0$ and have to lay off developers because they can’t pay them.

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it should’ve been a standalone sub. that way they’d see how few people actually care about legacy content and how many are just retail players sidestepping into some casual content.

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If you think Classic wasn’t a remarkable success, you never tried to figure out how it did in the first place.


Classic was a failure, it’s why they are making TBC. If it was a success people would be playing it still

People aren’t playing it still because the content is done?

You dolt

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