Why is Sap not melee range?

Why does sap have an 8 second duration and not melee range? Its cancerous and takes zero skill to shut someone down. While I’m at it, why is does poly have no CD? Maybe back in the day when mages didn have ice block, shields 2 blinks and endless roots sure. Why dont pallys do less damage in bubbles like they use too? I’m really curious as to why blizzard loves this stupid sh!t


Class Fantasy

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Yea doesn’t explain why it’s not melee range, or sheep is spamable or pallys do 100% of damage in bebbles. Class fantasy goes out the window when you can only play certain specs to be top tier for certain parts of the game.

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In regards to Sap.

If it were limited to melee range (4 yards), you would be able to see the rogue, turn and smack them, making it a useless ability.


Thanks not true at all, stealth is so much better then it use to be, you can damn near stand on some. Even so, it should take at least an ounce of skill to totally lock someone out of play


Also I get that rogues will cry about this, but wtf is up with ever spec being pretty much a cookie cutter of the other? They all just stun lock their way to victory or run away and reset, play which ever is OP, that boring design. Doesn’t each spec have one combo point builder then a then some buffs and spenders? Lame lazy sh!t

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If a rouge (or druid) who is stealth, comes close enough to you, you can hear them. It’s a very distinct sound. All you have to do is cast an aoe and they break stealth. Its that simple. Sap is useless inside melee range.


Simple answer.

They are trying to balance things around arena where teams are generally comprised of small groups of players 2v2 or 3v3. That means the whole rock, paper, scissor thing can’t be implemented because the outcome would strongly be correlated to how many times you face your anti classes. So Blizzard created the jack of all trades for most classes. Almost everyone has a form of blink. Almost everyone has a magic shield of some sort. Everyone has a snare of some sort. You get the idea… it became an arms race once they decided to focus on arena esports instead of battleground pvp for endgame.

Keep arena as is, but focus balance and endgame pvp around rated BGs and fix the looking for group and queue system. And most importantly, bring back rock, paper, scissors with pvp balancing.


You can hear them but they can sap you instantly… not buying this one


Rogue and mage in 2v2 shows you how this balance works since day one…


Polymorph not having a cooldown is offset by the target regening to full hp. So it has limited applications. It’s still very powerful, but it’s in the same vein as fear. All the CC without cooldown has a drawback. Can’t take damage, damage breaks it, or regens full hp.

I’m not really sure how changing sap from 8 yards to 5 yards would change anything at all really in the big picture.

At least if it was 5 yards you could stand in AoE and not get spam sapped for an entire match then blinded then killed in one cheap shot unless you have a particular trinket… poly could do with a CD so they actually had to plan it out between ring of frost and roots and slows

I can’t think of a single AoE that is only melee range.

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cant wait for saved by the light to be nerfed so i can go back to getting rogues out of stealth with holy prism :sunglasses:

You can get sapped standin in the middle of a flare… that one reason right there that sap needs a nerf, standing in concentration you can sapped immolation aura you can get sapped. It’s not about AoE being melee range its about the range of sap… like I said


Well, why isn’t Spectral Sight limited to melee? I don’t know how else to explain it.

Ya’know, I never thought about how weird saps range is. Especially considering it’s just clubbing someone, strange how you can do that from a distance.


I agree. Kind of like, where does you mount go when you dismount. Some things just aren’t logical

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Remind me, what’s the range and cooldown on spectral sight?

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The point is, if Spectral Sight were limited to melee range, it would total useless. Same as Sap.

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