Why is Multi-boxing Allowed?

Blizzard bans over exploits that give players an edge over other legitimate players just playing as a normal player would. But if you’re paying for multiple accounts, they look the other way. How is it fair that someone can just buy more accounts and all run them at the same time on a single keyboard making it so they can jump into AV and focus fire on you with like five or even 10 accounts or whatever. How is that fair?

What a joke. Exploiting layers is entirely less impactful than multi-boxing yet they will address that.

I saw a multi boxer in Stonetalon and was quite surprised

You can multibox so ling as you’re not automating anything. Get caught automating will result in a ban.

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Yeah but that doesn’t even matter. If you attach it all to one keyboard and mouse and they all do the exact same thing with your one mouse click and your one key press, then there’s still making you triple quadruple quadruple deca damage or whatever because You are using that many more characters to do the one task.

It’s paying to double and triple and quintuple etc your power. Paying to gain an edge over players just playing one account like normal.

It’s absolutely pay to win and should be bannable regardless of automation (which they all use anyway - because these players will always have their characters realigned after one of them is feared or whatever without missing a beat).

Who needs good gear when you can focus fire with your five characters on one player all at once in a burst damage insta kill? Wasn’t considered this perfectly fine? Absurd!

Threes is no in game difference between someone paying 4 friends 15$ a month so they can play with them - and someone legitimately playing 5 accounts.

Using targeting macros is not automation.

Yeah no one’s going to just do that for a friend. Anybody who was going to do that is actually going to be enjoying the game, this a new player. Extra players playing one character is just fine. Doesn’t matter if they then consolidate all the items to one person. Stop making excuses for this blatant cheating that is achieved by simply paying blizzard more money and it involves only you.

A player should be limited to one account logged in at one time.

No matter how people try to rationalize this nonsense, using five characters to burst damage somebody in AV is not fair.

That still doesn’t change the fact that there is no in game difference between 5 guild mates questing together and a multi-boxer.

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This thread is not about arguing automation and which multi-blocker is doing that and which one is not. Even if multi-boxing does not involve automation it is still a blatant cheat.

No matter how you rationalize your cheating and defensive this cheating, it is completely unfair for one player to be logged in at five accounts and one time in burst damaging one player in AV insta killing them. They could do this completely naked and destroy high warlords. It’s game breaking.

That is way more exploitative than layer exploiting.

And too the guy above me: I don’t know how this is so hard for you to comprehend. It is unfair for a player to control five accounts at once to do the initiative that one player wants at any given moment instantly.

Sorry but guildmates are not instantaneously doing exactly what you will.

Questing in video game is super serious business. It’s good to see someone fully emotionally invested in how other people play their computer game.

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Blizzard stance on this has been clear.

No it isn’t cheating.

Even when blizzard banned key-cloning software, they were crystal clear in their response that it wasn’t because of multi-boxers but rather botters using the technology to try to circumvent warden.

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cheating is fine I’m a cheater and defend cheating

Good for you

Talking to yourself is not a good sign

It’s pay to win. All you have to do is pay blizzard more money and you can instantly have as many characters as you want doing your will at any exact moment. Players that just play one account do not have this ability and you will easily destroy them simply because you’re paying more money.

You defend this. Hilarious.

Loving the tantrum op, post more.

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Git gud and learn to play pay to win cheater.

So guilds dont exist?

Or are you implying one multiboxer can have enough power to outweigh an entire community?

I’m confused.

That’s pretty cool that you have guildies that can instantly do your will the split second that you decide that will should be done. Let alone do your instant will at every second of your game play. Such friends! Are they telepathic aliens?

The absolute cope level rationalization and excuses you people have to make to justify your pay to win cheating. Funny.

I see. You don’t have friends in WoW…

So why don’t You play with yourself too?
Nothing is stopping you.

No, that’s a great argument to try to explain how your telepathic guildmates that do your will at a nanosecond notice are ready and willing at your becoming. Good job. Apparently not only bad at the game and have to pay to win, but logic as well.