Why is everyone so mean?

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not a “safe-space” triggered soft person. I’m a grown man and former D1 football player. I thought I was tough until I meet the group finder community.

The toxicity from people from group finder is incredible. Today in 2 different groups players were voted to be kicked out for having below average DPS. Seems harsh. I voted not to kick the player and then I was kicked out for asking to give them another chance. To be clear, these were all random people. I didn’t know any of them.

As the day went on, I have seen people either say nothing, or say something negative. There is nothing in between. Not one positive word. I always say “hello” when the group starts, I rarely get a return “hello”.

How is this a good experience for anyone?

Edit: I concede later in this thread that quiet people are not rude… but kicking people for not being the worlds most optimal player is lame.


MMOs are a microcosm of real life. Just like IRL you will meet nice people, you will also meet jackwagons who are just mean for the heck of it.


But I have not meet one nice person in a random group.


If you’re mean you get tough guy internet points. I assume you can trade them in at some point for life satisfaction.


Well you haven’t met me

I wouldn’t be nice either, but just letting you know we haven’t met


I rarely, if ever experience this in group finder. In all of my years since LFD was introduced, this is rare to me— and I run a lot of LFD for alts, Timewalking, etc.

If you want to ensure you aren’t going to run into people having a bad day or acting childish, you can run with friends, your guild, a community or for keys, use WoW Made Easy.


Well, that was a nice humorous post to me. So, uh, point for me

I think it stems from an ease with which we can tear others down whereas it’s much more difficult to lift people up. It’s easier to complain about “that dps that doesn’t kick” versus typing “hey, ima try and kick [SUPER ULTRA MEGA DEATH RAY] but back plz help”. And I don’t blame people for not typing.

Every random I join Indy “hey!” And try to comment throughout the run. I love chatting and riffing off others. It’s good fun to me.

Anyway, I’m sorry for the outcomes you get.


Don’t you have a vote kick cool down?

I would press x harder but i’m afraid I would break my phone screen.


Huh? What do you mean?

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For w/e reason the random group finder can just be crickets a lot of the time.


I have not done a lot of groups. Just getting back in the game. Just my short term experience. But it seems no one wants to talk, they want to focus on a quick dungeons run. That’s ok, but booting people for not doing enough DPS seems odd to me.

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Welcome to the internet! Feel free to be as nice or mean as you like with little to no repercussions.


No, sorry, holes. Lol your name makes me giggle. Ahem, that comment was to the funny. And snarky orc DK.

He claimed he was not nice - lies - and I tried to inject some humorous counterpoint which is failing horribly before my eyes :scream:


omg their name I just noticed it.

I think of that movie with Mr.Sir and all them in it from the 2000s. That was a good movie.


Yes, this is what I have noticed too. This is not a very social game anymore I suppose.


…what? /10char


Lol. Fair enough :slight_smile:


People are cruel unless given a reason not to be. Blizzard’s consequences for breaking ToS with toxic behavior are so hard to activate that they can barely be said to exist. And so, many players are rude, mean, and petty because, like children or animals, they see no obvious reason not to be, no punishment. That’s just something you have to accept and learn to disregard if you mean to play this game for any length of time. Report, ignore, and move on.


Team competition + strangers doesn’t seem like a recipe for fun but that’s just me. You might try turning chat off, and just enjoying the game with happy little NPCs. Or if you want to leave it on, maybe it would work to chat with them before starting so you’re at least acquaintances? Remember, if they are rude before the key, they’ll be even more rude during the key, so chatting before-hand and kicking/leaving toxics is a good way to save time and sanity.


This is exactly what it is from. My daughter named this toon.