Why Is Dragonflight World PvP lackluster joke compared to BFA?

Where are multiple pvp world quests with pvp rewards?
Where are assaults?
Where is [Net-o-Matic 5000] in Expansion with Dragons?
Where is Battle for Nazjatar pvp zone wide event?

PvE andys got world events.

Give more honor and conquest from killing people in world pvp.

LIke how you make less content with more people?
Riddle me this.


If you aren’t enjoying the wpvp content we have then so be it but I on the other hand do. I would always love for even more attention to be given to world content esp Warmode content, but I’ve been having a blast with world pvp in DF.


there is a “net o matic” it’s called the wing shredder it’s been there since Dragonflight launch, literally sold by the wpvp vendor via bloody coins u sure u do world pvp because for someone that claims that does world pvp u seem to have no idea that half the stuff you’re asking for has already been there, also I don’t count gathering a 40-man raid to bully 2-4 players of the opposite faction as world pvp may as well go play comp stomp real world pvp should be random encounters and fighting when the odds are stacked against u in a realistic sense 1v2s 1v3s etc and there is Fyrak assaults either in this patch or in the next one not to mention that sparks of life weekly event sets off a huge free for all at least in 5-man groups against other 5-man groups all duking it out in a specific area for hours, and as far as “give more honor and conquest in world pvp” may as well just kill off solo shuffle rated bgs to actual extinct and ppl will take advantage of that by forming 40-man raids and the people that just want to go out in the world will be forced to turn their war mode off because no1 enjoys getting ganked by 40+ ppl just for existing thts like bullying someone off a realm, it has to be a balance of fun and challenging but yes i do agree that more people should have war mode on but I think the system of war mode is a failure and should go back to having dedicated pvp realms that way no1 can turn off world pvp first off, and yes I do remember back then when people would cry “I’m being ganked while lvling!” on a pvp realm… but I mean they chose to play on a pvp realm, yes I did Gank ppl while they were leveling because they will cry for help and get ppl that are max level or get on their mains so I can fight them too that was good because I’m forcing people to bring the fight to me rather than someone to just go to an inn and turn it off, if they don’t like world pvp then they can go play on a normal or RP realm, that is just my 2 sense most of the time people don’t put war mode on or help in world pvp because 90% of the time the community goes “what’s the point?” “Just turn war mode off!” honestly it all comes down to the type of player that majority of WoW has these days people used to have actual “faction pride!” now people majority of people find that “cringe” and that’s just the type of mindset the player base is now in this game, and I bet the people that say they love forming 40-man raids to go around patrolling to gank a player or 2 tht are all by themselves are the same type of people that play video games in the “very easy” difficulty, but it also comes down that Blizzard’s servers can’t even handle a 20-30-man v20-30-man brawl in 1 area the servers starts lagging input lag skyrockets to the roof and it just doesn’t become fun though I don’t mind a 40+v40+ fight but only if Servers don’t have input lag issues waiting 10+ seconds for 1 cast to go off and then waiting another 10+ seconds for another ability to go off isn’t fun at all and people have tested this theory with wargames like alterac valley a BG designed for 40v40 combat and it still lags if exactly all 40 members from each team meet up at 1 area to duke it out the sparks quest is a step in the right direction though


Geez. Can we get a tldr version of that wall of text?


Nah because it explains everything that needs to be talked about and has valid points a.k.a that is the TL;DR version

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Dude…no one’s going to attempt to read that.


if people can read books, they can read this sorry you have an attention span of a squirrel, and that is saying something for someone that has ADHD.

The Qalashi Wing Shredder can only be used on the Dragon Isles. Even on the Dragon Isles though, it’s a buggy mess. It fails it’s cast 80% of the time, giving you a “Invalid target” error.

Here’s what Blizzard needs to do though:

  • Fix the Qalashi Wingshredder so that it doesn’t fail it’s cast anymore unless the target is too far or is behind LoS.
  • Fix the Net-o-Matic 5000 for use in the old world zones, since it currently isn’t working in most and will give you a wrong zone error.

Not worth it since nobody cares about that.

They recently fixed a pet battle bug despite no one not caring about that :thinking:

They’ll do this eventually.


Nobody would read books if they were structured as poorly as your post. You didnt use a single period in that entire thing. There was nothing that seperated one idea from the next, nor was there anything that dictated a reading cadence. Everything was haphazardly regurgitated onto your keyboard. It was almot as if you typed every word that appeared in your head as it appeared. Ironically you suggested that people have ADHD if they are unwilling to read your dribble, but having read it mysef it’s pretty clear that one would need ADHD in order to interpret what it is you’re trying to say in the first place.



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Yeah the only thing good and that I miss from bfa was the awesome world pvp


DF world pvp is the worst world has ever been. Breaking the Net-o-Matic 5000 so it can only be used in BfA is so dumb. This alone created world pvp in older areas. Additionally, all of the things you listed are so true.

I’ll add, have Horde and Alliance just hanging out all calm in a major city like there’s no issues is so dumb.

Also, in camps around the DF islands, they’ve given the guards more health, net you into the ground, and increased the damage they do. This is also true for BfA areas.

Dumb changes but it’s clear Blizzard as a company hate world pvp and they hate anyone who wants to world pvp. I’m 100% sure that by 11.0 or 12.0 world pvp is completely removed from the game, as we’ll just be a single faction.


Books have paragraphs. Look them up.


People have tried to take matters into their own hands (which is what we should be doing) to create wpvp but I don’t think the general interest is there.

I had a guy swear at me the other day because I attacked him…in WARMODE, in a FFA area…while he was killing npc mobs for a quest.


Honestly I’ve been having a lot of active world pvp. People just gank back and forth at pvp world quests. The dragon wrangling one is the best because there’s no cheesy annoying mechanics.
The only issue I have is that finding pvp on any character without humanoid tracking can be pretty hard. But that’s what blackened worg steak is for.

The dragon riding is actually a ton of fun in pvp. It feels so cool dismounting people, or trying to deal with someone chasing you so you can get behind and then dismount them. Then you land and finish em off.


I’ve been having a really fun world PvP experience most of the expansion so far. I just recently got back into more world PvP after a long arena grind and it honestly saved the game for me. Using buffs, consumables, the wacky things going on with quests and the random encounters are just fun. Game needs more for sure.


WPvP died when they introduced Warmode. My entire wpvp guild quit in BfA due to this change and Blizzard has been very anti-war for a while now and has no desire to cater to a group of people who have pretty much all left WoW already due to the lack of content/care/systems for wpvp. Blizz has made many changes to the game to hurt wpvp like Warmode and Sharding.

WPvP community is pretty much non-existant now due to neglect for too many years. They’ve all moved on to different games that provide what they’re looking for (Like Albion or Black Desert)

This is factually incorrect. Warmode did more to help world pvp than anything else. Since the advent of server transfers, players left PvP servers by the wayside. Warmode ensured that players that wanted to world pvp would find like minded players to compete with. The only true and real failing of world pvp is a complete lack of rewards. There is no “carrot on a stick” to incentivise players to participate. Your guild fell apart because nobody felt rewarded. 2 honor per kill is not enough so those players left.