Why is AV dominated by Horde?

I don’t feel like any particular type of player, or play style, is unique to a faction, so why is every AV pretty embarrassing for Ally?

Fruit hanging so low it’s almost on the floor.


Allies don’t want to engage the pvp.

All the tryhard Alliance have segregated themselves into their own little bubble and only queue together. The Horde tryhards queue up just like everyone else.


Shh. It’s Friday and I’m watching it rain. :rofl:

Because alliance always starts the game 15 vs 40. I have a screenshot where I started the game 2 v 39

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Haha, I’m genuinely curious… I don’t understand how one faction would be so dominant.

we can’t premade and we wait a long time to play. I think it’s, at least partly, because that playing a BG is rare/scarce on horde so when you’re in you try hard. Alliance, if you’re losing, a lot of people do not play when the going is getting tough when you have the option of fast loss/new game.

In Vanilla, I remember Alliance outnumbered Horde and alliance use to win the AVs all the time. I was horde and i use to remember how fast people gave up… why play when you can reque?

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You only see the people the premades deemed unworthy for 1 reason or the other. The horde dont have that luxury and even the most try-hard are queueing up with the rank-and-file.

The answer is fairly simple and straightforward, yet fairly compounded.

First, your average try hard pvper rolled horde (due to stronger racials). So, already the average horde player is most likely going to be better than the average alliance player (this skill discrepancy is fairly hard to quantify). This issue will be inherent for the entirety of classic.

Second, horde have to wait 30-40 mins to get into an AV. Their desire to win is significantly higher because they have invested so much time for just a single AV. Whereas, alliance players can get into an AV immediately so they do not have as much vested in a single match.

Third, the instant alliance queues made it possible for a group of 40 people to selectively get into the same AV, resulting in faster wins, more honor, and more rep. As a result, AV premades on alliance side became a thing. So now, anyone wanting any respectable honor, rep, or even PvP on alliance now exclusively premades AV.

Fourth, the premade culture has shifted the balance mentioned in the first point between horde and alliance even further. As a result, your average allaince (solo queueing) is much worse than your average horde solo queueing.

Fifth and last, due to the instant queues, premaders have the luxury of turning down any AV queue where a significant majority of the premade does not get into. This results in a large number of orphan AVs that solo queuers are forced to play where the game starts with an absurd imbalance in the number of combatants on each side that is virtually impossible to a) overcome and b) make it worthwhile to even try.

You combine points 1 through 5 and you arrive at current AV dilemma. The fault lies on alliance, horde, and blizzard.


This is a sweeping generalization that needs to be poopoo’d more. At least in regards to AV, Alliance has often prioritized strategy over confrontation, not as a means of avoiding confrontation, but attaining a goal. What you see as avoidance is merely picking the better battles. AV 101 is “don’t fit mid because it’s pointless, don’t chase or you’ll get pounced on”. What do horde do in your AV’s? No need to answer.
It’s actually really hilarious watching 10 horde chase one of my teammates from one side of the map to the other then see them all unanimously change direction to chase another solo player across the rest of the map.


blizz need to nerf horde racial skills imo
25% resist to stun is unreal

Tbh I will say that sucks… I wish games wouldn’t start a count down until both teams fill up. :frowning:

Thank you :slight_smile:

When AV first released, the first couple weeks or so, it was the opposite. Alliance won nearly every single match. Maybe this was before the premades. So with the demise of premades, maybe we’ll see a shift in the balance of wins/losses.

it really does because ppl would start coming in after like 1~2 mins into the game and thinks it’s already over and just head over to the lake to go fishing.

Yep I’ve seen it. Hate those games because it just plain boring… Tbh. I do not see why they can’t manage queuing system like such to help prevent that. Seems some changes are coming but I worry it won’t be enough for alliance pugs to fill out properly… :frowning:

yeah i’m hoping these hotfixes will make the bg’s more enjoyable.

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Most hardcore pvpers rolled horde cause of racials. On top of that, their queues are so long that each BG is worth more than it is to a typical Alliance pug.

So when a horde player says “alliance are about to rush drek, everyone recall”… you’ll get about 25 horde recallers.

Try that on the alliance side and if you get a response (which is highly unlikely) it’ll be “good let them win so we can get into the next game”

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After next maintenance break, this should not seem so lopsided to the alliance puggers anymore. However, if all you do is rush Drek, you will lose most of the time as a pug. Take your time, PVP, do objectives, play defense…

Lol… it’ll kill AV. You will never win again come Tuesday

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