Why I want Wrath Era

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I started WoW in 2007 when my two favorites games were Runescape and Oblivion. My friend Evan told me “You should play World of Warcraft. Its like Runescape and Oblivion but way bigger”

So I did. And I loved it. I flip flopped through playing all three games in short bursts. While I did technically start at the tail end of TBC (I think Sunwell just came out?), Wrath was really my version of the game.

And before anyone gives me a hard time for posting on a “retail character”, this is actually the first character I made all the way back in 2007. He’s a TBC-Wrath era character and is far older than any of your Classic characters combined.

When Cataclysm was announced, I was excited. It sounded great on paper and as a warlock, I was really looking forward to the new soul shard system. Underwater mounts/content and flying combat sounded awesome (pretty sure both ended up never happening though) There was that one blood elf with a nice booty in that one promotional artwork with surfing goblins.

There’s the key phrase though. “On paper”

Pre-patch rolled out, I loved all the new changes. I had fun playing with all the new toys the talent tree gave us. Liberating Gnomergan in the pre-patch event was also fun.

Then Cataclysm itself came out. Naturally, I bought it day 1. I still have the box in my sock drawer, sitting right next to my Wrath of the Lich King box.

The first week was fun. Worgen and Goblin starting zones were great experiences. Getting an acheivement for getting killed by Deathwing was wild. The new Loramus questline in the Blasted Lands is imo the best questline in the game. Fighting Gamon at max level was crazy.

Unfortunately, those four things are the only good things I can say about the expansion. And I did all of them in that first week. After that, the honeymoon phase was over.

Every good thing that Cata brought, it took something else away.

I missed Corpse Explosion. I missed the old world and the old dungeons. I missed the old non-homogenized classes. I missed the old talent trees.

I missed the old game.

And I realized that everything I liked about the game was gone. So, I quit. Canceled my sub and never came back until Classic launched.

I was there when Cata launched. I quit back then and I’m going to quit again. Why would I stick around for the original reason I quit the game in the first place? Cataclysm was World of Warcraft’s Runescape 3. It ruined the game.

Classic gave you a unique opportunity to preserve this once good game. Don’t drop the ball on that. You can fix this so easily by having a Wrath era server. Even just one server would be enough. So… just do it.


There is a petition. On the change website. chng.it/Bv2VQTNp7w


Is there anything else that happened that caused you to not enjoy Cata? Real life, other games? If so, do you think this could change this time around?
Always funny when people tell such stories without context. I know plenty of people that quit during Cata due to different reasons and after trying Cata in pservers they suddenly say “man I misremember this expansion, its actually quit fun and similar to Wrath. Why did I hate it in the first place?”


No and no to both questions.

I was in high school, I did not have anything else going on in my life.

I just did not enjoy the game anymore and I can’t see myself doing so as an adult. I will not try Cataclysm for the second time.


Have you been playing Classic for past 5 years though?

Yes, I have.

Off and on. Did Vanilla in short bursts. Was nice but ultimately I was waiting for Wrath.

TBC-Wrath I played non-stop.


Dear Myspace…


Its funny that you think your silly little axe emoji can stop me



And you’re telling me you’re playing Wrath classic the same way you did Wrath og?

Hello, I am the ret

I am the retribution paladin, maybe you have heard of me?

I am the one who is doing the melee dps on you.

Or sometimes also, the monster - but that is hard, because several people do not like it when I do that.

Sometimes I am said to "Hey yous, you ret. Get in the “BACK AND TOSSA LE HEALZ”

I el oh el at this notion - and substitute my own. Often times my retting has gotten me trouble - for example:

Many people don’t want me to go with them to Karazhan.

Or even to simpler places, like adventuring inside of a shadow laboratory.

Once I even was reported into the AFK’s for being specced ret in a battleground:

But I know what I can be capable of doing!! Even the Alliance has known of me.

I have already beaten the World of Warcrafting because of ret. The king and Regent Lord have been vanquished.

What was the last thing going through General Stormpike’s head as I smashed it with my hammer? I will give you a hint - it rhymes with “OH GOD HE IS THE RET!!”

Sometimes when I can finally find pals to do the raidings, I let them know the score right away. I tell THEM who the ret is.

They don’t forget at all.

So in conclusion, everybody I wanted you to know me, the ret. One day when more people are ret, I will look behind me and see less twriling fingers making girly heal magics. They will instead be making bruises - OR HOLES with weapons. Onto their enemies’ faces, I think. One day, I will show up for the Karazhan raid, AND BEHIND ME will be the rogues, who can not spell their own class, who are left behind. And I will say LOLrogue. They will say “YOU ARE THE RET?? I HAVE BEEN PEW PEWED” and cry. I will toss them a 34 crit heal and solemnly say “Yes, I am the ret, it is time for me to go now, because I have raid bosses to pew.” In their anguish and keyboard turning, their A and D keys will explode, leaving them POWERLESS and UNABLE TO MOVE LEFT OR RIGHT - then, we strike in unison.


It’s so easy to bait the same people over and over again.

Agree with OP.


I personally enjoyed Cataclysm. Most fun I’ve had when it came to an MM hunter yet I still think there should be a Wrath Era.

The very events of this whole series was piggybacked off what happened during WC3 and TFT. Arthas beat Illidan, ascended to the Throne and went into hibernation. The stories of 1 and 2 didn’t focus so much on a character as 3 did Arthas and his journey as he fell from grace nor did it really impact the events in WoW until much much later.

This journey began with Arthas falling, and for the sake of Classic, the journey ended with Arthas falling and it should be preserved as it is in all realms the Classic experience, this was the Classic story. Cata revamped, created new lore, and evolved into something else which is what we have going on today where we ended up with awful decisions like Shadowlands. “New lore”


Yep. 10 char


ok 30 char

While I agree with you, the Classic story ended with Classic. Vanilla itself had no real lore. Some random stuff happened and we kill it

There was plenty of lore in Vanilla. The events all followed Arthas and his madness. The undead of Classic were the aftermath of Arthas massacring his people. The Night Elves are still fighting the very orcs who invaded Ashenvale, Stormwind became a home to the refugees of Arthas destroying his kingdom. The dwarves are still up in arms because they believe Muradin dead. The very Orgrimmar hub was built in TFT, Jaina having control of Theramore was due to WC3 events. It’s all built upon WC3 and TFT, the threats we fight for dungeons and loot are unique to Classic, sure. But the story as a whole is established based on the events of WC3.


The “Lore” aspect is different in Classic. Most things are just random events that happened while having some pre-established background to it. But thats about it. TBC and Wrath follow a very linear storyline that happened in the lore.
That said, Classic is very special. I mean its obvious - the devs back then didn’t expect Classic to have such a success so there wasn’t much thought behind it. I repeat:

In fact, Cata is more “Classic” when it comes to that, because they just took a random lore characters & random events, made them do something and gave them loot (I know this is a very big stretch)

i beg to differ. There was pleny of lore for vanilla

RFK and RFD told the story of the quilboar joining forces with the scourge.

The searing, gorge, burning steppes, BRD, and MC told the story of the dark iron dwarves being enslaved by ragnaros, and one questline even covers the war between the dark iron dwarves and the black dragon flight

Speaking of which UBRS and BWL tell the story of the black dragon flight experimenting on other dragons to create the chromatic flight, a story arc that continued into cataclysm.

Also vanilla introduces us to the paladin Tirion Fordring, who enlists our help to free his son Taelyn from the brainwashing of the Scarlet Crusade. We do but it is all for naught, in Taelyn’s escape he’s ambushed by the Scarlet Crusade and killed. Tirion mourns his loss…(i kinda wish more was said about this in WotLK where Tirion features so heavily)

But there are 2 bigger arcs that stick out to me:
If you’re looking for one big theme from low level to the start of the game, it’s the Sithid/Quiraji arc players first encounter Silithids around level 20 in a pain in the butt quest in the southern barrens. as the player progresses they encounter this invasive species in thousand needles, feralas, tanaris, and un’goro, each encounter raising more questions about where they are coming from and who or what might be behind it all of which comes to ahead with AQ.

The other big arc imo is the story of Hakkar. The player is tricked and sent to Jintha’alor and Zul’Farrak to get the materials to summon the avatar of Hakkar to defeat and imprison him for good. This leads to the avatar of hakkar fight in sunken temple where hakkar’s essence is finally sealed in an ancient egg… But it was a trick! the quest giver has secreted the egg to Zul’Gurub where the players must go to defeat hakkar once and for all.


I think what they are saying is all of those storylines you mentioned are unique to Classic so none of the building off TFT even though we literally repel Kel’Thuzad has any credence to Wrath being considered “Classic”.